Disney of Atlanta

 Most people expect to take a vacation during the summer months. Whether its a beach getaway or a trip overseas, every hard-working adult has come to expect this time of respite. I even remember being asked, "where did you go or what did you do over the summer?" the first day of elementary school. Well, this year Matthew, Silas and I would probably announce our trip to Scottish Rite at Children's Health Care. It's the Disney World of Atlanta (at least for Silas). Maybe it's just because Northside wasn't really geared towards kids, but CHOA is an unbelievable place to take a two-year old. Silas couldn't wait to go back this morning;  we had to drag him away from the train station, library, playground, fish tank and interactive board. That said, we are missing the Northside NICU a lot. I'm sure the care teams at CHOA are great, but right now, they just don't compare to the men and women who became like surrogates to our little Levi. No more private room, no more special treatment, and no more sweet motherly touch. Hopefully we won't be at this NICU for another four months though, so I'll take it!
Levi did exceptional with the transfer yesterday, so thank you all for your prayers! I found myself a bit panicked Wednesday night. It was like the anxiety I felt the day before my first day teaching high school students. Nervous, anxious, excited fear. Then, walking the halls of a new major Children's hospital, I realized the difficulties and the hardships people face watching their small children deal with major terminal illnesses. I breathed deep and reflected much on the eternal blessings I carry daily. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about such deep facts of life, especially during a vacation-driven holiday weekend, but it's not sad for me to think about all these children and babies fighting to live because children don't look at the world like we do. They don't think they are missing out on a beach getaway; they are laughing and playing in their own Atlanta Disney World. They truly get how we are suppose to live... way more than we do... and it's that infectious attitude I hope to take home.

Our big man was exhausted in between Disney Days

Our Little man earlier today before surgery

Thank you for praying for our Levi during surgery today. I felt peace all morning up until the moment they called to ask if I had any last minute questions. When the doctor and nurse said that they'd "take good care of him." I lost it. I somehow flooded with the emotion of giving my child away to strangers to be surgically dissected. Then, we prayed, hugged, and continued to choose to trust. We are so blessed!  As I type, my little boy is getting a cool G button in his tummy, and having his stomach wrapped around his esophagus (all of which should help him get better and better).

We will let you know how surgery and recovery goes. Thank you for prayers and love!

~Disney Buster


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