Thursday, June 27, 2013


So we've lived in our home for almost two weeks, and my type-A personality couldn't help but unpack every box after one week. There's still nothing on the walls, but I'm trying to remember that's normal. Here are some pics of what we've done so far...

The foyer no longer has wallpaper, but the bowling ball light still hangs with pride.
Our dining room doesn't have furniture yet, but I love the pop of color, since I'm normally a neutral-lover.
New carpet and a fresh coat of paint made the hallway so much cleaner.
Guest bath got rid of the concrete style painted walls. Thanks for painting babe!
Thanks to grandpa and uncle Kevin, Silas has a great, grey room
A neutral nursery that Silas seems to love.
It will be so fun when he actually reads those books
He can't sleep unless he's swaddled up, but after his 2 month vaccines he was out!
Still have to finish painting the master, but our bed fits just right!
The entrance to our bathroom... our major renovation...
We added a water closet. That doorway didn't exist a month ago. Now we just need to paint.
Can't wait to put on the glass door to our new shower!
I've never had such nice counter-tops and sinks in my life.
Besides some curtains, our guest room is ready for guests
Oh except for our winter clothes still not unpacked. But at least they're not boxes.
We busted down two walls to open up our family room
Now you can see the sunroom from the kitchen too
Besides our beautiful fridge and rolling island, the kitchen remains untouched.
The great original bones of our wonderful home
What do you think about the updates Silas?
"I could live anywhere!"
~Exhausted, but beyond blessed Buster

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The big move!

We finally moved!  It was thankfully one of the easiest moves I've ever experienced thanks to some help from family and friends. Silas was an angel on moving day, thank the Lord, and our first night in the house was surreal. I felt like I was spending the night in someone's nice home. I can't believe we are blessed enough to own a home and have a baby! Crazy.... I'm actually a grown-up now. Maybe...

Well, with the blessing comes some work. We've learned a lot, and I have lots to share (things that are still in the works, things we'd do differently, things that never should have been done), but for time sake. Here's just a quick peak at the outside paint completion. If nothing else, at least our home is no longer flesh colored. Now I just need to plant a tree to hide the church windows. :)

Hard to see in the pic with Matthew there, but the door was fusia and the shutters hunter green.

The door and shutters are now black with a grey/khaki siding and white trim. Our neighbors thanked us! :)
Instead of doing needed house stuff, we just watch our son develop.... It's not a waste of time. I don't think. It's more fun than this video proves. :)

Oh how your entertainment changes with a baby.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We all came into the world naked, and naked we shall depart.
I mean come on... aren't we all a bit happier when we're naked as a jay bird without judgements?
Or as my pastor pronounces it- nEked
If only we could sit in a fluffy basket all day and not feel ashamed when we pee and poop on ourselves. Maybe he's a bit embarrassed here.
Nope... he's fine with it
He's actually enjoying it a little too much
No place like nakedness with your closest friends without judgement
We had to instill our own naked time after bath time. He seems to really enjoy it. The amount of laundry needed afterward kind of stinks though (pun intended).
I love all of Silas' new facial expressions. Who needs nakedness when you have cute onsies like this.
~Fully-clothed Buster