Sunday, October 30, 2011

Camping with Chloe!

Helen is one of our favorite places to camp, mostly because we've been there so many times and know the best spots. While all of our friends conveniently had plans during the first frost of the season, wusses, we had the distinct honor of camping with the beautiful and ever-youthful Chloe Blair!

I think if I did this, people would stare.
What do you think?

Our camera really doesn't do the fall colors justice.
It was just gorgeous!
This was like try #6... Chloe is thinking, why are these guys such freaks!
She didn't seem to think we were freaks now!
It was quite a chilly evening. 

That's probably the last camping we'll do for 2011... Next up, fort building in our apartment! :)  


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkins Past & Present

I'm so thankful that my husband has jumped on the fall bandwagon with his crazy wife. He's been humoring me for years, and I think all the humor has added to our creative carvings.

Off the vine is the best way to get um!
In Athens.... He felt like he picked the best one. Psh...
I want to cut my own Christmas tree this year too!
It might be a little tougher than this though.
Aw... he's so fratastic. Gotta love him!

I wanted my pumpkin to be scared of the tricker-treaters that year.
I thought it was funny
Stone Mountain also puts out some great ones
I keep holding on to my overalls for this one day every year. 
We had some good stencils that year!
Matthew was mighty proud of his headless horseman.
You HAVE to go to Burts. It's the mother of all patches!
There aren't really words for this particluar year.
Matthew decided on a Cyclopes this year.
There was no changing his mind...
I did Jack from Tim Burton's Christmas movie! (minus a few teeth)
I think they both turned out great!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No bars

Every so often I think its essential that we all get to a place with no cellular bars. Even with my small, antiquated flip phone, I still find value in disconnecting from the world. That's exactly what my hubby and I did this past Saturday. We headed north to the Tennessee/Georgia border for some much needed R&R and a bit of God's beautiful nature. The trees were just starting to turn, the air was crisp and the temperature was perfect for a campfire. Minus the bumping ground, lack of silverware, and unfortunate regret of pillow packing, we had great time! Nothing like samores and gin-rummy to make a great evening! Plus we got our pumpkins for carving (more on that later). We we saw two tent-covered wagons pulled by horses, we realized we weren't in Kansas anymore. "Oregon Trail" anyone?

Matthew said we could only take what we could carry
because our campsite was a couple miles into the hike.
Jack's River! We didn't make it to the falls.... Not enough provisions for that kind of hike.
Matthew thought he saw a great campsite across the river, so he wanted to check it out.
Notice he left he shoes on the rock on the far right in order to keep them dry for the crossing
He decided to head back over for his shoes when he hit an unexpected slippery patch.
So he stayed low to the ground after that... It was like watching a baby calf learn to walk!
He's almost to the shoes!
(we decided the site wasn't so great after all)
We found a much dryer one soon thereafter.
Home sweet home! :)
The sun welcomed us to the new day on Sunday morning!
A beautiful place for church and some Via Starbucks!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mrs. Smith

Teaching is certainly a "calling", and one that I feel blessed to have heard and followed. However, it also has its generous portion of difficulties like any other job/career. This article: TEACHERS was sent to me recently, and I had some definite fist pump, amen sister! moments while reading. I heard about the article on the radio the same day, so I think it was some kind of sign: I'm not alone when I face these daily educational challenges. I pray the day I feel like shoving cow manure in a student's face, that I immediately resign. I can't let myself get burnt out, or I am truly useless and destroying America's future potential. I just have to recall all the little glorious moments experienced in my classroom:

"Mrs. Smith, how do you come up with these questions. You really make us THINK!"

"Mrs. Smith, I really like this Killing a Mockingbird book."

"Mrs. Smith, when is Juliet gonna let her hair down from the balcony so that Romeo can climb up it?"

Oh the joyous moments...

~Teach Buster

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Planned too perfection

I could not have asked for a better start to fall. Anyone who has ever breathed air from the same room as me, knows that I'm obsessed with the season. While I wish it lasted longer, I also realize it wouldn't be as special if it did. So I revel in the cool nights, crisp mornings, and colorful afternoons as much as possible. It also helps that I get to celebrate my birthday in the midst of such a grand time of year. 

I was kind of bumming about the fact that I have a Monday birthday this year, but it's actually been amazing so far because I'm celebrating the weekend before and after!   God truly wanted to show his love for me this year by dropping temps into the 40s!  

First, I went shopping with my ever-amazing mother, which we do probably once a year if that, making it all the more special. Then, Matthew and I received FREE tickets for table "box" seats at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater to see Third Day! It was fantastic!  Finally, Matthew surprised me...

It was really cold and windy. That's the only explanation for the 80' bang wave I have going on
Third Day put on an amazing concert!

I woke up here. My drugged body was dragged to this spot.
(not really, but it felt like I woke up once I got to the top)

I actually relived the best day of my life on exactly the same day one year later.
Matthew woke me up before 6 am on Sunday to hike up Kennesaw Mountain to reenact his proposal for my birthday! I was just as surprised this year- both pure joy and pure confusion/anger rushed through me during this early wake up call. 
Since we got zero pictures last year, we figured we'd take a few. 

I look exactly the same as I did last year:  straight out of bed beauty, minus the snot from the ugly cry last year.

It's totally worth a little sleepiness to start your day this way!

I have the most romantic and amazing husband in the world!

It's really crazy living a deja vu experience, but I hope it becomes an annual surprise!

There are no words to express the joy I've experienced over the past year.
I'm so thankful for any and all the years to come!
God is amazing! Thanks hubby

We also, of course, had to decorate for this joyous season!

We really went all out. I mean these could be in the Smith family attic for years to come
I know.... I know.... don't be jealous. Hobby Lobby rocks!
It's the little touches that matter. 
No is the answer to your question. Matthew and I did not pick these off the ground.
Yes... maybe I wanted to.
Our whole place smells like a cinnamon, pumpkin, fall festival!

See how many bloopers you can count in this video.

I am so thankful for videos! My husband cracks me up. I'm really trying to keep a straight face in this video in case we ever make it on AFV.

Happy Fall Yall!