Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photo Shoot

One of Matthew's best friend's girlfriend, Morgan, took some great pictures of Matthew and I a few weeks ago. It's amazing how much bigger baby Smith got in just a few weeks. Thanks Morgan for capturing this exciting time in our life! Can't wait to take some pics of the baby in a couple months!   Boy? Girl? For every person that guesses (or in most cases 'knows') it's a boy, I will have someone follow up with a girl guess/know.  It's so fun to have this surprise still awaiting us after the miserable pain part. :)  

Had to have a little fun while we were at it. :)

Check out Morgan's blog and other photos at Breakfast n Bed.  Thanks again Morgan!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby's coming

I like to think of myself as a pretty even-keel kind of person. I don't freak out about much, nor do I like to be a drama queen, nor care to be around them (again this is what I tell myself, and I'm only basing my analysis off of my interpretation and my husband's feedback), so it was a little crazy when I had my anxiety-driven "THE BABY IS COMING!" freak out moment a few weeks ago. Granted I do have a higher probability of pre-term labor due to my own anatomical issues, but I'm still at least a couple months away. My adoring husband calmed me down after the doctor's appointment that pushed me to the edge, and after some much needed "nesting" this past weekend, I am feeling much more relaxed. I am truly thankful for my hubby. He is my better half without a doubt.
Yeah right that's me now... try at 15 weeks when I finally didn't look like I just had a beer belly!
Now this was two weeks ago at 27 weeks.... I don't seem to be slowing down the growth process by any means!
My sister and mom put on a great baby shower for me this past weekend. It was so much fun! Most of the attendees were my mom's fun neighborhood friends. She's pretty popular, and they were not afraid to attend right after a tennis match- hence the gal in the front row.
Allie came in from NC too. I don't know anyone better to put together a party than these ladies. It was really amazing! I'm sure they could start a business!
Some of my Bible study ladies attended too. I love each one of these precious women.
One of my best friend in the world, Kyra, wasn't able to attend any wedding events for me, so she wants multiple invites to showers. :)  It's beyond fun to be pregnant with her. She's 6 weeks ahead of me, but sadly we look the same!
My sister really knows how to be the hostess, and she doesn't mind running as the gameshow host. Her mother and son look so proud!
None of the women in my family are teachers, so I wonder where I get it from? Like mother, like daughters.
I'm so excited that so many want to shower this baby with love. We continue to pray for Smith Baby's arrival, and hopefully still have a couple months to prepare! :)
Thanks for an amazing shower Nick and Mom! Love y'all so much!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year with Friends

We are a bit into 2013, but must post on the built-up NYE. It was actually a wonderful night. We said goodbye to our sweet Texas family and then headed to a fun dinner and somewhat random, might I say, ringing of the new year with two of my best friends who were in town. I'm telling you: the 40-50 crowd somehow become the party crowd. We were certainly outmatched.

I love when Easton just runs up and hugs you. He is too sweet. And precious Tanner is starting to make that eye contact that melts your heart.
Easton's rocking out to some cool tunes. He's a cool dude!
The Harvey's were here and so were Lindsey and her beau. It was SO great to see them all!
I can't help but think the one on the far right is the cutest! ;)
I love my girls!
Pink and James are moving back to the ATL!  So excited!!!
It's wonderful to see how much Kevin seems to adore sweet Lindsey. They are too cute.
Baby Smith helps us ring in the new Year! I can't believe our family is growing in 2013! We are so blessed!
I hope that you are starting off the new year with gratitude and joy. We never know when it is our last, so instead of silly resolutions, why not try to live everyday as if it's our last!?


Thursday, January 3, 2013

From Sand to Snow

We had a busy Christmas (what's new? Ever seen four Christmases? Well we hit three this year.), but it was restful and joyous. Well, after we Smiths got over our illnesses (hence why I have practically zero Christmas pics), we had a great time. My brother-in-law and Mother-in-law took us on a nice stroll on the beaches of St. Simons. Windy but beautiful! (I like Matthew's angel wings here!)
After St. Simons and St. Marys, and a Christmas with the Blair/Maupin clan, we headed on a blissful babymoon. This was our humble abode in Bryson City, NC. Looks huge, but we just rented the bottom half for a few nights. 
We ate tons of great food and just vegged out together. The downtown bakery had the most amazing homemade bread that made the most incredible french toast, ala Matthew!
Then God answered our prayer... it snowed!!!
Just had a little snow at the cabin even though it was freezing!
When we ventured out, Matthew was ready for a blizzard. What is it about guys and their hiking sticks?
The view from the cabin was awesome!
All we had to do was drive 30 minutes and we hit several inches of snow!
First time at this spot in the Smokies!
The fresh mountain air revived us after the busy holidays.
Don't be fooled by the smiles, Matthew was a sore Yatzee loser, and rummy loser, and scrabble loser.... hmmm. I was in the gaming groove!
We found a great coffee shop (of course) called Cork and Beans, and we splurged as if we were back in Paris. The crepes were just as tasty as the French originals.
We loved chilling just us two, but we are pumped about baby Smith's arrival in 3 months!