Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life keeps moving

No matter what you're feeling, life keeps moving. Some might get a bit frustrated with that aspect of life and wish it could slow down to our mode of exercise (or lack thereof); I for one am utterly thankful that the sun continues to rise. I love that the days move ahead and a new season is blissfully on the horizon (my favorite one happens to be patiently waiting on the hill as I type). Thanks be to God that He keeps the world turning and continues to prepare a place for us at home. Ceasing to see hope means ceasing to see excitement. I'm so excited for what's ahead...whatever that may be for me.

When your little one sleeps an extra hour, why not make some espresso brownies!? And yes, eat them with a spoon.

We moved to the Roswell/Alpharetta area specifically because of "Touch a Truck Day." Why else?

Boys and their trucks. There's nothing sweeter.

Finally got something above our bed after three and a half years. And yes, I let Silas paint it.

I mean what else would I hang up on my wall?

Silas had his first week of "Parents Morning Out." He wasn't quite sure about carrying his own backpack though.

You're growing up too fast bud.

He toppled over 30 seconds after this. :)

Silas loved his new,  sweet friend Penny... can't wait for more play-dates!

First day of school outfit!
First blackmail picture outfit!

~Espresso Brownie Buster

Monday, August 18, 2014

Joy in Pain

There is pain in this world. It comes in different forms. Physical pain, emotional pain, frustrating pain, confused pain, displaced pain, short-lived pain, numbing pain, excruciating pain, sincere pain, unexpected pain.

Yet, through it all, there is joy.

How? Where? Why is there joy in a world filled with such pain? Is is true joy? Is it fabricated or medicated joy? Is it temporary joy or will it fade with the next whisper of pain?

No. I have felt a joy that far outweighs my pain. It's a joy that doesn't make sense mixing with a pain that culminates in reality. It's a joy that couldn't be concocted by even the most elaborate of artists. As I've experienced some of the most intense physical pain during some of the most intense emotional pain, I have noticed and experienced some of the purest forms of joy and peace that cannot be watered down by logic.

We lost our second child this week. At just seven weeks old, our precious baby gets to escape a world of pain and know nothing but Heavenly joy. I would welcome taking all that pain these past few weeks away from our baby, as a mother's heart never wants her children to hurt. While the deepest pain exists in not getting to know such a precious life, I find excitement in knowing it will be Christmas morning to meet that life when I too am called home.
While my heart hurts, and I had to endure debilitating physical pain that doctor's couldn't diagnose simultaneously, I truly caught moments of joy I would have otherwise overlooked.

The joy of unexpected deep belly laughter; the joy of 16 month-old open-mouth kisses; the joy of losing a child in God's house while feeling the prayers of others overflowing; the joy of helping hands relieving daily burdens; the joy of life looking suddenly colorful; the joy of hand-holding without any words; the joy of coincidences that are anything but coincidence; the joy of feeling God's arms and eternal embrace.

Joy is everywhere. And no one can explain it away. I will rest in the joy of love because love is all around me. Thank you Jesus!

John 16:20


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Savoring Summer

For some reason the end of this summer is making me mourn a bit more than usual. As an avid autumn fanatic, I don't typically mind waving good-bye to the heat of summer; however, this summer has not only been somewhat mild, but I have that yearning to remain in the calm of the no-work, no-school months. Maybe it's because I'm taking on a new teaching role, or maybe it's because my little man will be in a mother's morning-out program a couple mornings a week (both of which I am excited about), either way, we have been soaking up these last weeks, and I'm so thankful we don't start the madness of fall until the 18th of August.

Had a great time visiting with some of my best girls. Time and miles don't change a thing.

Dee Dee took us to the Aquarium for the first time. Silas was overjoyed to say the least.

Crazy amounts of learning happened with just some fish and water.

Silas didn't quite understand the glass concept though. He was nervous he'd fall into the water at first.

But then he realized that that was silly.

Where do you think I get my teaching skills from?

It is one of life's gifts to watch this sweet boy experience new things.

Silas can say "pool" now, and he was more fascinated with fish this time- go figure.

No cheating little man!

That's how it's done!