Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fresh air

In between the grading and errands of the weekend, Matthew and I spent some much needed time outdoors. We went back to the place where our journey as the Smiths began-hiking on Kennesaw Mountain. It makes you feel like you are somewhere far away from Atlanta. It was the perfect day for it too!
You can almost feel the fresh oxygen spilling from the trees- sure beats a red pen and paper

There was even a reenactment happening during our visit. These folks actually travel around kind of in an Amish existence dressing, living, and acting like it's still 1898.

Now.... back to the grading. Keeping it balanced is what it's all about!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One week or one decade?

I've only had the kids at school for a week, but it feels like so much longer. Seriously, who decided on how we were going to keep track of time the way we do anyhow? I was talking to one of my co-workers, and we decided that summer never really happened. It was a dream, and then we woke up and school/work was still happening. It never ended. Time is an allusion. Instead of a week, I think the past seven days were more like a decade. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but my body is going through some kind of shock right now. I went from zero to 190 miles per hour. Okay, who am I kidding, I'm never at zero, but I was pretty close, and now I feel like I could fall asleep while I'm typing this post.... I may just have.... No amount of caffeine can help this kind of exhaustion, it's just the body adjusting to the new agenda. Kind of like when you've stayed away from the gym for winter and that first thaw of frost opens you up to physical exercise, and then your physically dead, drained, sore, sad for a week. That's kind of how it feels.... kind of. I'm more visual than auditory. This picture of a precious child falling asleep in the middle of playing kind of sums it up. It's not a comfortable position- check out those hands. But it's eyes closed! Perfection.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A little color

School has officially started for me, and my teachable teenagers will be booming into my room in two days! I can't wait to shape those minds of our future! :)  

However, my summer projects are a great reminder of the joyful color and peace I had for two months. :) I found this great idea on Pinterest and thought it would add a great accent color to any room in my home! I still have to put it all together, but here's what the finished product will look like with a little more subtle turquoise:

I have it all painted and ready to be assembled!  More pics upon completion! (may be quite a while though now that school is in session... hope you weren't holding your breath.)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random, Remarkable Reminders

When Matthew and I were at the lake about a month ago with my family, my parents' friend/neighbor just-so-happen to be looking at her cell phone, and she just-so-happen to come across a picture that she loved, and she decided to show us since it was from our wedding. It turns out we had never seen this picture before. Our photographer didn't seem to nab it, nor anyone else in attendance (that I know of now). It was a true blessing and reminder of how much I love and adore my hubby and how amazing I felt to start my life with him. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are continuing to enjoy their secret life of assassins, yet in our life-movie, we are always on the same team! :)