Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fascinating use of Mayo

Did you know that Mayonnaise helps get paint off of skin?  Yes it's true. And it keeps the skin from getting dry from all that paint!

One of my favorite angles. :) How do you get paint there?
Matthew and I have had a crazy month of guests, painting parties (if you can call it that), gender reveal parties, and other house projects.

These painted doors finally got shelves put in! Now I just have to add the door knob.
My Granny Annie came for a visit and got to meet her great-grandson. What a blessing to have such longevity in my genes!
Grandma Marsha just showered Silas with love. He is a blessed boy to have such a great grandmother.
I love his facial expressions
We've been to two different baby reveal parties in the last couple of weeks. Both friends are having baby boys! So happy Silas will have some testosterone around him. Congrats Pink and Laura!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Quiet in the hive

How often do we say... "I've just been really busy lately." I know that all too often I apologize for being MIA, or too busy, or something equivalent to having a schedule that doesn't allow for more conversation. We blame technology, or schedules, or responsibilities, or seasons of life for taking away the once sacred time of sitting in rocking chairs and talking to one another in person. I think life never slows down unless you choose to put on the breaks. I'm recognizing that there is ALWAYS something to do. Now with an old house and a new baby, I can ALWAYS be doing something. Instead, I want to be someone. This might actually demand that I say "no" to certain things, which I am terrible at doing because I long to please and love everyone that makes requests of me.
I believe this is one of the lessons God is teaching me through this random change in Silas' sleep schedule. From a once seemingly perfect sleeper, he began a new growth phase that woke him up throughout the night and flustered him during the day. He's still quite an angel compared to some poor parents who obtain the hard road of colic (who I now want to offer my services: to watch their babies for an hour or two just to give them a needed break, call me anytime), but all the same I began to lose any time to do anything I once planned for my day. Yet, I realized in the quiet peace-filled moments that I am thankful God doesn't let me have an easy road. The bumps and mountains give-way to the most amazing unity with Him.

Likewise, (and to quote a cliche Rascal Flatts song) God blessed the broken road that led me back to Matthew nine years ago. Had he not broken us down separately, we'd not have the amazing blessings we have today. I am truly thankful for the hard paths because I begin to appreciate the smooth ones in a whole new light. There's just no way to grasp it, until you've been through it.

Matthew and I went on our first date alone in three months a couple weeks ago. Even though we can still take Silas pretty much anywhere and call it a date, it was so nice to get away from talking about him and the house for a few hours. Thanks Aunt Ashley for sitting!!!  Matthew brought me sweet sunflowers like he was first taking me out. I love you baby. I can't imagine my life without you in it!

Had to include a pic of this sweet boy looking up to the heavens (or the skylight that fascinates him).

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The week of the 4th

Had to cook some good-ole American 4th food for my hungry hubby.  The crock-pot BBQ chicken turned out amazing!
My first cobbler! Since Matthew's family always picks blackberries over the summer and makes one, I didn't want him to miss out this year. (Mine were store bought, sorry baby.)
It's funny how pictures make everyone think you have a perfect baby. He started crying two seconds after this picture. I still love you precious baby boy.
I love this face... "Are you kidding me with this hat?"
This was a big deal. Silas sitting up by himself for the first time! (With the help of extra padding)
I think he was proud too.
My sweet nephew Easton looks SO big, but he's only in his terrible 2s. He's not too terrible though. I love his hugs!
I can't believe my other nephew is already 9 months! Tanner the chicks do dig you buddy.
So happy my siblings got to meet Silas finally. Allie and Sarah met him later, but it was great to have the family together again.
It meant so very much to have my grandma, Jaj, here. Silas literally smiled at her every time she talked to him. He loves her just like I do.
Jaj I miss and love you so very much. I wish we lived closer, but I thank God for you and the amazing testimony you are to all who meet you. There's no one quite like you Jaj. Hope you have a great birthday!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Difficult transition

My paradoxical life has taken a huge transitional road recently. At times I feel nothing but an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thanksgiving, yet I also struggle with the constant shifting and changing of my daily life. It's an internal battle I hate to admit. Just when I think I have some control and understanding over my new routine, it changes again. Along the same vein, just when my precious baby boy started sleeping through the night, he decided to begin breaking free of his swaddle blanket and waking up alarmed. Yet, he didn't really want to be free because his jerky arm reflex hasn't subsided,  and it scares him into alertness sooner than his tired eyes would like. Thus, we have tried to swaddle him with his arms out during the day, but this too doesn't seem to be the right road. So he's sleeping less, as am I, and we both begin to get a bit cranky by the end of the day. A solution is hard to find... But isn't this how we all are?
We want God to "swaddle" us tight. We want his protective arms around us so that nothing bad can touch us. We don't want anything awful to infect us or any hardship to befall us, so we ask Him to please protect us with His gracious and strong arms. But deep down, we want to break free of His control over our lives. We want our arms free to make whatever decisions we want. We want to go and do whatever pleases us, but our jerky reflex of selfishness and pride awakens us to our awful nature and often scares us into running back to our father and crying for help. What is the solution?
As we begin to grow more with God and our confidence that comes from Him, we can find peace in the freedom He has given us because we follow close to His perfect path. Other times we simply rest easy waiting on Him to lead us as we revert back to our infancy and let our Father hold us tightly down the new unknown path.

It's all about perspective...
Who said double chins aren't cute?
Just when you think you can't figure it all out, you see a smile and nothing else matters anymore.