Monday, November 29, 2010

A little place called..... Asssheviillle

The fam met at a nice mountain house for Thanksgiving this year. Fletcher, North Carolina (a breath outside Asheville), which acted as the meeting spot for the Char-town, Lullville, and Hot-lanta crew. As per usual, we had a great time watching football, eating, playing games, and visiting the town of Asheville--home of the beautiful Biltmore (yes we saw George's magnificent estate while we were there too!) I'm SO thankful to have such a large and loving family. Every family has its quirks and characters, and I wouldn't trade mine for the world. God has truly blessed us, and I can't wait to meet the newest addition next month in Lullvulle (that's Kentucky-slang for Louisville).

We loved the downtown Asheville area!

The Asheville veterans marked the way...
This looks a little more like a traditional American Thanksgiving!
We also stopped by the beautiful Grove Park Inn
It's built onto a mountain!
This was the view from one of the porches at Grove Park Inn
They had an incredible gingerbread house display in the lobby!
Everything was made out of candy... those hippos look like tasty milk chocolate.
The grand Biltmore home. This picture doesn't do the 8,000 acre estate justice.
You'll just have to go see it yourself to understand.
Sorry.... no pics inside allowed.

Now I have one week left of school before Christmas Break!!! Man I love the student/teacher schedule!
Xmas music here we come!!!!

~Festive CubBuster

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bed, Bath, and Beyond BLESSED

Matthew and I have a wonderful wedding-filled weekend!  Much was accomplished!

First, I got my wedding dress! YES! That's what I said to the dress. Not only does it fit like a glass slipper, and I love it, but it was on sale! It couldn't get much better than that. Mom and I had a great time finding it too!

Next, Matthew and I had a blast with our Parisian (yes he's from Paris!) photographer, Eric. He's really funny, as you can tell from all my 26 teeth showing in most of the pictures. Wait, is it 26? I'm eating popcorn right now so it's hard to count with my tongue.

Check us out at:
We are the opening act, but to see all 7 pages of the Smiths-to-be, click on Proofing/Ordering at the bottom and then "Engagement". Enter my email address: and our password is, get this, COFFEE. Eric did his homework and checked out the CubBuster blog before the photo shoot!

Finally, we ended the weekend with our registry initiation. In the beginning, I was so pumped to get that gun at Bed Bath and Beyond and shoot away, but after a while, I realized how unprepared we were.
I mean a wedding dress is worn for like maybe 5 hours, whereas your placemats and table settings can last like 15 years! I just wanted to check it off the list so we tried to get as much done as possible, but I'm finding myself second guessing all my color scheme choices.
Speaking of which, what's with all the linen colors being named after food... sage, chocolate, caviar. Do they want you drooling in your new plush pillows when you leave? Chocolate is by far the tastiest too, so if Matthew and I ever invite you over, be prepared to see a lot of brown.

As my mind was spinning with how to update my registry to make it less poop-colored, Matthew invited me to go with him and Blair to a homeless shelter downtown. YES! I said to the offer. I was in need of some serious perspective checking.
I just got back, and I can tell you, the color of your placemats seem a lot less important after you've served someone their first meal of the week. Thank you Lord for the reminder! I am blessed beyond belief!

Count your blessings this Thanksgiving too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Blessed CubBuster

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Me with just a few of the girls at the Saturday night rally.
Get it Camo.... Surrender. Yeah. We're cool!
Had an amazing weekend hanging out with 9 beautiful 9th grade girls at the 2010 DNOW Surrender weekend. We had a blast growing in God's word, laughing, dressing out in camo and just enjoying fellowship. Oh, and they loved to tell me how old I was.
Examples of comments:

"So what kind of dance move did they have back when you were young?"
"You don't know what the jerk dance move looks like?"
"Well, I mean do you remember what it was like at our school back when you were there?"
"You're, like, the oldest, so you go first."

Thanks for loving me despite my old age girls! :)

You girls looked awesome!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why are you whispering?

Ever had laryngitis before? If not here is what webMD claims the symptoms are:

What are the symptoms?

The main symptom of laryngitis is hoarseness. Your voice may sound raspy, be deeper than normal, or break now and then. You may lose your voice completely. Other symptoms may include a dry or sore throat, coughing, and trouble swallowing.

Now, if you already have a naturally hoarse voice like myself, you most likely will lose your voice more easily. Plus, I'm told teachers are more prone to laryngitis because their job consists of constantly talking and/or yelling at students. :) 
Well, I'm no doctor, but I believe you haven't heard from me in a while cause my body said ENOUGH.... PLEASE SLOW DOWN AND REST NOW.
After a busy few months of teaching, graduate work, planning parties, and getting some wedding planning underway, I think I just needed to rest. So my sinus cold also took my voice away too. 
I don't really understand why people whisper back to you when you are whispering to them. It's kind of like when people yell really loud at non-English speakers in hopes that their pitch will force them to learn English immediately. Maybe people think I'm telling them really confidential information and they can only whisper when I ask them a question. Even my students would whisper back at me. Hey.... maybe that's the logic behind teachers getting laryngitis all the time. They are secretly just trying to get a quiet day at work! Ah Ha!  I've got it now! Tricks of the trade.
Well stay warm, get some rest, and drink tea with honey so you don't end up like I did. 
--Quiet CubBuster