Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Boy

When did Silas become a big boy instead of a baby. I think it officially happened this past week. He's not potty trained yet, nor is he forming complete sentences, but a few monumental moments seemed to change his appearance altogether.
He's rocking a new pair of size 5 sneakers!

It's amazing what some Elmo shoes will do for your stance.

I begrudgingly gave Silas his first haircut. He really needed to get his straight bangs out of his eyes.

And I couldn't just do the front or he'd have a mullet.

We had to turn on Curious George to keep him from squirming.

Although he squirmed anyway

I hope your sweet baby curls come back big boy!

You're cute no matter what Si-man!

Pre-haircut: we also gave him his first set of wheels this week. This 20$ car was on us Silas, but you pay for the next one!

Great rainy-day tactile activity. Found it on Pinterest (of course), and all you need is corn starch, water, and sugar! It was easy homemade silly puddy!
Hope these videos bring you as much joy as they do me. Time truly does race by us when we blink, so soak up each moment knowing you may not get the next one. It's all just worth sitting with a cup of coffee reflecting on God's goodness.

~Big Buster

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Helping Hands

Silas still LOVES to take out the trash, which I find stinkingly adorable.
Couldn't help but snap this shot. His future wife will love knowing he liked to help keep the house clean.
Matthew found his old height yard stick, and Silas just loves pointing out how tall he's becoming- such a baby genius! (not really, he just loves the animals on it)
My mom really wants me to cut Silas' hair, and I understand there's a little hair in his eyes as well as the occasional mullet look, but I just love his curls!
I can't bring myself to take scissors to his sweet blonde locks. (Don't worry mom, I won't let him get too girly)
As much as he likes to "help" mommy, he's also becoming quite mischievous.
I heart you Silas Cary Smith!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cicadas and Fireflies

Two things I love more than anything in the summer.... well except maybe a good berry crisp or some juicy watermelon... but two great joys are Cicadas and Fireflies.
After a year in our home, I still look around sometimes and think, wow. I can't believe I have a home to call my own. God is so good, and when we take time to purposely neglect the to-do list for better time being still, we see His handy work all around.
Nature is alive and well in our neck of the burbs, and as cicadas serenade throughout the morning, the crickets and fireflies light up the evenings. It truly looks like FernGully as we watch the magical twinkle lights dance through our backyard trees. Okay.... I'm getting a little poetic, but I just love it here. While we love to travel, there's just something about coming Home. Home together during a time when we all come together to wish our great country Happy Birthday and thank every man woman and child who has had their own hand in maintaining many freedoms we ignore daily.   Thank you for all you do! Thank you all.

The makings of a great July dinner

Alton Brown's individual berry cobbler became a daily dessert in the Smith household last week.
We got to have lunch with the Sibleys last week too- Carlos and Carla not only married us, but have always been those salt-of-the-earth folks we look up to and cherish.

Silas greeted his second time to the beach and first time in the sand with nothing but love.

He loved visiting Grandma in St. Simons.

I barely watched the fireworks on the 4th cause I wanted to watch this precious face watch them instead. There's nothing quite like a first timer.

Happy Birthday America!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

parlez-vous anglais?

That's "do you speak English" in French for those of you who aren't keeping up with your high school foreign language credit. This was essential when Matthew, Silas and I ventured off on our own through the southern french countryside. We stayed in some of the most remote places that could only be found through the art of google. Literally... these places came right out of a side table travel book. It was spectacular. We loved our first family adventure, and what's more, we continued to see God work time and time again. Whether it was our car running on fumes and no gas station accepting our credit card, or learning to master the 5-speed in European traffic, or having one-percent battery left on our iPhone that was providing us directions to our bed and breakfast, God always came through, and we managed to make it to every destination on our itinerary. No matter where we are or what we are doing, it's amazing how often we can view God's faithfulness if we only open our eyes.

We woke up early to catch our train to France. Silas wasn't quite as excited about the wake up call.

He quickly changed his energy level though, once ipad games were introduced.

Just having a typical lunch in the Bordeaux region. You know... just another Friday.

Our first bed and breakfast in La Roque-Gageac (a small town outside Bordeaux) was unbelievable. We got there in time for appetizers on the lawn and met a family from Australia on "winter holiday." I can't make this up. 

It was an amazing B&B, a hidden gem.

The quiet town had a literal "river running through it." Amazing.

For a bed and breakfast, this place got thumbs up on both accounts.

I approved all consumed coffee in France. They know the proper serving size for coffee mugs.

And toys were supplied on the lawn after breakfast. I think Silas just figured we were in Heaven. :)

Matthew took us through, "Oradour Sur Glane," a town in southern France that Hitler decided to burn during his retreat back to Germany. They did nothing wrong, they simply posed as a punching bag for a man whose pride and plans had both been threatened. He cared not that over one hundred children would be murdered that day, nor did take note of the over 500 inhabitants of the town. But today it stands exactly as it did that day in order to preserve and honor the memory of those who were affected by the tragedy of WWII in hopes of avoiding another worldwide act of hatred.

It was humbling to see such ruins, but I'm thankful we could see and remember the freedoms we have in our country today.

B&B number two also didn't skimp on the breakfast title. It was crazy good.
They also had a beautiful and friendly dog on the premises named Harry, whom Silas adored.

We were told they hadn't seen Americans this far out in the country at their inn in many years.

After arriving at our final destination in Paris, we had to replicate a memory Matthew and I had during our Honeymoon. We went to the same Creperia and ordered the same thing we did back in 2011. Silas could sense our joy!

Outside Notre-Dame we all waved bye to our amazing journey through Europe.