He's HERE!

Somehow it happened. Through the fog of yesterday, we arrived home after sitting in 5:00 Atlanta traffic! There's been such a delicate balance of rushing to get Levi where he needs to be, but responding with slow and steady gentleness. While we are exhausted running on just a couple hours of sleep (his monitor went off throughout the night whenever he moved along with changing out feedings every two hours, and finally having the monitor die at 5 am), but Silas slept through the night, which was an absolute gift from God!

With measuring meds, figuring out how to balance two kids at home when one could stop breathing at any moment, and scheduling follow-up appointments, one would think I'd be checking into a home myself, yet surreal joy encompasses our uncertainty. And because God has delivered us from so much already, we know he'll continue to provide us with the stamina and wherewithal to continue. I think my favorite part of the past 24 hours has been watching Silas sweetly talk to Levi, and Levi looking at every single thing in our house as if it's a spaceship!  He's so much more aware than a normal newborn would be, but he hasn't had the pleasure of experiencing anything but a hospital room these past four plus months. It's truly amazing!

Your prayers  and support have continued to encourage us and have given us the opportunity to make it to today! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

If you'd like to keep praying, please pray for Levi's continued health and development. I know that encompasses a lot, but there are a lot of uncertainties with his care, and it feels as if things are already falling through multiple cracks as I'm his primary EVERYTHING! I know there are multiple reasons we could be in and out of hospitals the next several years, so I will try to enjoy every minute at home. Also, please pray for Silas as he occasionally asks to go do something with just "mommy and daddy." :) (sorry bud, Levi isn't quite old enough to stay home alone.)
Finally, please pray for Matthew and I to continue in wisdom and strength through this unknown and tiresome journey. May we keep our eyes on God, give grace when weary, and stay connected as a family.

We love you dearly!

Katie, Matthew, Silas, and LEVI!



  1. Welcome Home! Continung to pray Love you all!


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