Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Days to remember

I love sliding with my daddy!
Mommy the snow is going to stick, I believe it!
I can't wait to walk in it... with your help of course.
Ha ha! Told you so!
Mommy I walked just like you!
Who knew Atlanta could get a snow storm after 60 degree weather a week ago
I loved seeing our first home with snow on it. A day to remember.
Definitely a moment to remember
Mommy I don't know about this snow thing. I think my butt is freezing.
Watching someone experience snow for the first time is an unbelievable thing
Time to let the snow melt and see what tomorrow brings.
It brought icy roads, and lots of beautiful snow.
It also brought Matthew home. He along with many others were stranded at work. We are thankful that despite the white beauty, we are safe and praying so many others in the south are safe and warm today.

Friday, January 24, 2014


We decided to honor Mr. Luther King Jr. this past Monday by stepping back into his era. We "unplugged" and had a "no screen day".  It wasn't really for MLK, but I'm sure he'd appreciate our efforts. In reality it was just something we wanted to try. The phones were turned off, the computer and ipad were put away, and the tv stayed asleep while we spent the 60 degree day hiking and enjoying being together as a family.
Honestly, I'm not a huge screen timer when compared to some, but I never realized how often I check my phone until I wasn't able to. It was such a great day though! I absolutely loved being away from all things media/tech-related. I think we should have a national unplug day. Kind of like how some stores are closed on national holidays, well wifi and signals should all be shut down for at least one day a year so that we can remember what it's like to sit and be together as human beings. It's a lost art, but once you get passed that panic of "what if there's an emergency and someone needs to reach me," you realize that there was once a time where we figured out how to reach each other without our screens. Try it... it's liberating. ;)

In addition to honoring King Jr., we also had the honor of dedicating the Si-man at church. Nothing big, just a sweet tradition of proclaiming and promising to raise him in a Christian home and asking others to pray for our efforts. He was a bit shell shocked by all the lights and people, but other than that I'm sure it will go down as his favorite memory of all time. ;)
As you can see, our faces appeared on the big screen as our pastor began to read Silas' life verse: 2 Cor. 5:17, "Therefore if anyone in Christ he is a new creation, the old is gone, the new has come!" (There's is actually an exclamation point in my Bible. I love that about this verse!)
I wish I could have been sitting in the audience at this moment to see his sweet face instead of looking half dead like I do in this pic.
I think Silas was more excited about Daddy's name tag than anything else that morning.
Love play-dates with our birthing class friends. Crazy how fast these boys have come from the days in the womb.
Ignore the angle of my giant hand and the characteristic beverage in it, and notice what's in the little guy's hands.... yeah we want to get the mini cubbuster started early.
Where was this face when you were on the church stage buddy? Thanks for saving it just for me... you know how to make mommy feel special.
~Screenless Buster (except for this post of course)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Real Mommy

There are some markers I believe designate whether you are really a mommy or not. I have recognized, besides the excruciating pain and indescribable joy that I experienced when giving birth to our precious baby boy, that I really have crossed over into the realness of mommyhood.

You are a real mommy if, but not only if,

1. your favorite Christmas present is your new dustbuster
2. you don't mind getting a little drool in your mouth that belongs to your little person
3. you believe true love stems from sharing half eaten, mushy cheerios
4. you don't mind the new, improved 50 second rule with a justified scraping off any dust or debris
5. you think a good dust busting equates to a full vacuum, thus enabling the 50 second rule
6. you don't mind using ointment or vaseline as your new hand lotion
7. you are contemplating making your own children's songs album in your spare time
8. you call clothing clean if it passes the sniff test
9. you think your jeans and a white tee are now a symbol of fine dining attire
10. you would cut off your right hand and left foot for one more kiss from your little person

This robe is adorable, but it's only been worn one time because this little man gets crazy and rolls everywhere before bed. Can't keep his clothes on I tell ya!
A new found love for bath time
Titus (a.k.a Ti) meeting his new friend Silas, (a.k.a Si). I think they are BFF already!
Silas is just like his mommy: we both LOVE breakfast (and all other meals come to think of it)
Now that he's sitting up and standing a lot, Silas tends to fall asleep in all kinds of fun positions that would make a normal person say "ouch"
Turned around to find this little man standing up by himself for the first time!
Oh what one will do to see inside a toy trunk
He just looks like a future golfer doesn't he? Life father like son. (Watch him rebel against all things collared when he grows up!) Love you buddy!

Monday, January 6, 2014


What is time? It is something that cannot be truly defined because it is not real. It is simply a way to calculate duration. People have been trying to measure their existence for thousands of years. Whether through the waxing and waning of the moon, the trees dropping and budding their leaves, or the countdown to midnight as the annual date changes in January. Either way, it brings about a sense of nostalgia thinking about years gone by.
 Rather than think of the years past and things that I still want to do before I die, I want to live in the present moment, and rest in the notion that everything in this life is temporary, including time. I have eternity--never ending life--waiting for me when my time on earth comes to an end. Thus, I must live in such a way that matters, make choices that have eternal significance, and not worry about how to portray my moments to the world. Rather capture them in my heart. Whether 2014 is a tough year or an amazing year, I will count it a blessed year for the little moments that I'm given. Moments like these...

Silas saw his first "snow day" just a few flurries in our Georgia cold winter. Low temp of 4 degrees!
I love having my buddy to get excited about the flurries with me. Though he doesn't look too excited here.
This little monkey always knows how to make me laugh.
Silas' serious face. He is watching his sign language video. Gets him focused every single time.
He knew he looked cool with his faux-hawk.
This little nine-month old will be walking before we can say Si-man.