Monday, June 30, 2014


San Sebastian, Spain- oh how you loved us so. You held off all rain until it was time for us to go.
We enjoyed your streets and your pace of life, their was amazing coffee in abundance and never a feeling of strife.
While we felt your sadness and tried to translate what we know to be True, we were amazed at how God worked because He's always loved you.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Filled to the brim

When you go on a "mission trip" many people assume you are going to help those who have less than you. However, we continuously learn that it's not about a physical need should be met, or even a spiritual need. Often times we are the ones who are filled up and feel blessed after going on such trips. Our needs of truth and peace are met by those we go to serve and love. Shouldn't our lives be a continual mission trip? When we were in Spain and France with Silas, we focused on producing loving "fruit", flexibility, and faith. Why shouldn't that be our way of life here in the States? It was such an incredible journey, and there is no explanation as to how God gave us such joy traveling with such a little one. It was truly His design that we be on the trip and experience all that we did.

As the jet lag begin to fade, I will try to give a snapshot of all that we experienced the past two weeks... For more details on our team and our trip details, check out the other blog I helped write:

Silas was such a trooper on this trip, and he really loved experiencing so many new things! Our team and the locals loved our little blond haired-blue eyed hijo.

The streets of Spain got really quiet during Siesta time. It was great to explore and learn a slower pace of life.

Silas loved taking his daily siestas too. His stroller became a home away from home.

While San Sebastian is an extremely beautiful town with lots of places to eat and indulge, you could feel the hunger for something more than fiestas and food.

It was so fun to be a family in a far away land. We are so glad we brought our little man because it opened up doors for many conversations.

Our first festival was right in front of the "city hall," and it ended up being packed out, wall-to-wall people! What a blessing to watch so many people come to know the Lord. The basic design involved drawing people in with our fun western games and activities, then telling them about a relationship with the Lord (which unlike the southern U.S., many had never heard or understood before), then after praying to receive Christ, we got to plug them into the local church that we worked along side in San Sebastian in hopes of starting more churches in their neighborhoods.

Silas learned to sleep anywhere and everywhere.

He was the most precious backpack I'd ever seen. Loved his flexibility (both physically and temperamentally)

It was a bit too cold for us to swim, but it was a gorgeous place nonetheless.

Silas took this pic.

It was fun to watch Silas get into the festival games, as well as watch his expression when Matthew and I spoke Spanish. He literally grabbed my face one time and turned it towards his as if I was some robot stuck in his Mommy's body. "What are you saying?" his face read.

Silas always wanted to hang out with the big kids, who loved seeing that you could have fun and get free gifts all in the name of God's love.

We miss you already Spain!
Thank you Lord for showing us what it means to have a joy that reaches past borders, languages, and trials. You are a big and mighty God full of grace and love!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Called or Crazy?

In three days we will be taking our 14 month old on a nine plus hour plane ride to Spain. Some would say we are called to Spain and feel prompted to bring our monkey man with us, but others would just call us crazy. I'm somewhere in the middle :)   I know we are crazy, but that is the case no matter what continent we are currently on. I believe it's that craziness that can open doors to show how we are crazy in love with Christ. He's done so much for us; we can't help but take that love to the world. If you'd like to follow our team's journey in San Sebastian, I've been given the duty of blogging while we are in Spain (imagine that.... God can use any skill you possess no matter how seemingly insignificant), check out and click on the "Spain" tab.

Thank you in advance for all who have expressed a desire to pray for our trip and our team! It means more than you know!

Summer heat brings out all new joy in this little man.
May his joy bring others joy as we travel abroad.
There are just so many reasons to give thanks.

Hasta luego amigos!  Vaya con Dios.

~Espana Buster

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's Enough

Recently I spoke about my growth through motherhood as it relates to "time management." Without a visible product or a viable example of time well spent, mothers begin to feel inferior in a world that values substance.  I have since spoken with several moms at various life stages who all expressed feeling that same itch to "do something more or better" with the twenty-four hours we are given each day, even though all would agree that our daily calendars don't leave room for such grandiose aspirations. However, it was through the recitation of an elderly wise woman, whose children are all grown, that peace and understanding was felt. She prayed over a young new mom that felt the pangs of uselessness as she heard stories of other mommy worlds and began to compare herself and her new life with theirs. The wise woman simply said something like, "God thank you for this mother, and thank you for her sweet new baby. Both are true gifts, and I pray that this young mom would know that right now, what she is doing as a mom is enough. May she know that in this season, being a mom is enough."  What beautiful words we all need to hear. If you are a new mom, or just a mom struggling through a season of utter chaos, slow down. Take a deep breath. Know that whatever you are accomplishing in your day is ENOUGH. You are more than enough. As long as you do everything for the glory of Him who created you and not the creation that compares, you will find that peace and joy. Sigh. Relief. Peace. Thank you Lord!

At the park the other day, Silas only wanted to drive, steer, an honk at the pretty girls. :)

Leaving on a jet plane for Espana in 10 days!

Pictures are so misleading: Silas didn't really like the big pool. This was one of the only pictures he smiled for me. We'll get you there buddy. May need to borrow someone's kiddy pool for practice.

Misleading again: Cool dude wouldn't keep these on for more than 5 seconds. :)

Thank you Silas Cary Smith for teaching me so much about myself. I may not build tree houses, sew clothes, or have a million blog followers, but I have a sweet boy who teaches me far more than I teach him.
~Enough Said. CC