Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy FALL!!!!!

I'm sure you'll here that line multiple times this season. But FINALLY my favorite season has officially arrived (last Sunday). I love the cool crisp mornings and nippy nights. Every cup of coffee tastes better this time of year. Especially since we can order a PSL anytime we want! There's just something about this time of year that gets my blood flowing, my hands baking, and my heart soaring!  It's like a special kiss from the angels wrapped in a burlap bow and sent snail mail just for me to enjoy for several months. I need to get a mantle up above our fireplace so I can decorate it with white pumpkins and twine. I guess the fact that we have our own fireplace should suffice this year. It is the season of Thanksgiving right!?!  So stop making me jealous with your perfect, Pinterest pics for a few minutes and get outside and just smell that autumn breeze please. Oh and don't forget to enjoy that pumpkin spice something. It's perfect this time of year.

I'm more of a cook than a baker, but I had to get some goodies going for the sweet tooth my hubby and I rock daily.
I actually don't like cinnamon rolls or donuts. I know, I know. You don't have to read my blog anymore. But I've found my own homemade versions are actually quite tasty. (I'm a little stuck up with sweets and coffee)
These easy Pillsbury mini cinnamon rolls just pop in your mouth and take minutes to make.
I made some Pumpkin Coffee Cake (check it out on Pinterest... ha ha... yea I pin too) and it was quite tasty
The warm glaze just made all the difference.
I asked Silas to help, but he just stared at me and the spatula
Then he figured, "why not eat the spatula too?"
He loves fall too. I cannot believe God entrusted this little booger to us.
We finally seem to have turned a corner with sleeping. Even though it takes him a little longer, we are back on our backs so that we don't roll ourselves awake. It's all a changing game though. Who know what tomorrow will hold, but we wait with eager expectations of goodness.
I can't help but want to eat this little monkey up every day. Anyone see on the news lately?  Apparently it's okay to shove your baby's extremities in your mouth as long as you don't actually chow down. Something about endorphins. :P
Silas was helping mommy multi-task here.
Happy First Fall Baby Si
Love this flasback. We can't wait to show Silas his first pumpkin patch too.
~Pumpkin Spiced Buster

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ever wonder how anyone would get anything out of chapters like "Chronicles" in the Old Testament of the Bible? I mean why do we really need to include those lists anyway? Well, God has since shown me why: to humble prideful people like myself. One of the most obscure passages found in 1Chronicles 27:24 led me to a note that accompanies that passage in 2 Samuel 24. To sum up, King David decided to take a count of his army, and in doing so, he ignited God's wrath. Taking a census? A sin? Well it turns out that David's motives were uncharacteristic. The reason he took the census was to feel confident and secure in the men he had protecting him and his people, instead of trusting in God's protection and finding security in Him alone.

My revelation happened here. It probably seems strange, and for that I can only point to God who opened my eyes. I consistently find myself confident and proud when I have a son who sleeps well. Since Silas was sleeping through the night at two months old, and because I was able to bring him into the world without medication, I began to harbor a little mommy pride without even realizing it. (Pride certainly comes before a fall.)

Since he was three months old, we've had sleeping battle after sleeping bumps. While they are typical of any infant transition, I constantly looked and searched for an easy solution so that I could get back to my own sleep normalcy. (But what is normal anymore?) I have been waiting for that 6 month mark, which everyone claims is a "game changer" for the better. Yet, I realized, by waiting for this supposed check point, I am not only robbing God of His perfect timing, but I am robbing Silas of a beautiful and amazing transition time. What if Silas chooses to sleep through the night at 5 months, or maybe at 10. Either way, do I not trust God enough to know that He is in control, and He will provide me with the strength and energy I need to enjoy this phase of my life? After all, doesn't life go by fast enough without me wishing it away?

There are tons of tricks, band aids, and theories that we've tried and trusted. However, nothing is permanent with children (just like life), except God's grace and truth. Just when you think you have figured it all out, a new pebble comes tumbling into your shoe and you can't figure out how it got there, or how to remove it. Others will give you advice, but ultimately it's your shoe, and only you can take it off and learn. I'm thankful that God doesn't allow me to be prideful. Rather, he shows me my nature and keeps making me better.

Silas' hair is starting to grow. I couldn't resist this baby mohawk (you have to look closely- its a baby hawk)
This boy can't get enough frozen celery. Great teething trick!
We had the distinct honor of traveling to Memphis for my best friend's wedding. This picture paints the perfect image of Linds. She was glowing with joy and as bright as her bouquet!
Loved getting all the girls together. We loved our robes Linds!
I mean come on....
I love you Linds, and it was an honor to stand up there with you and Kevin. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Rea!
We started solids this week (didn't help him sleep through the night if you are wondering, but naps are better), bananas were first on the menu. After day two he was sold. Nice and easy, even on the road trip to Memphis.
It's a whole new world for this baby boy. He's growing up too fast. :) 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Vacation to see family with Silas = Less sleep 
Vacation to see family with Silas = Working out without a stroller
Vacation to see family with Silas = Diaper blow outs in the car
Vacation to see family with Silas = Priceless

Who cares about sleep when you have these boys in your life?
Silas hanging with grandpa
Little second-cousin Camille didn't want Silas to get all the attention
The three sisters were fighting over these precious babes. That's true love.
Thank you Dana for the Activity Gym. Silas is just starting to need a stand-up activity!
Daddy are you losing some hair like me? One of my favorite things is watching Silas spit "hair gel" into Matthew's hair. It's priceless every time.
Silas loved his grandma.
I realized I never take pictures with my little man, so when attempting to do so, he stuck his tongue out at the idea.
Silas loved having his daddy around all week.
It's almost time to start solid food, so we wanted to try out our highchair. I think he's ready!
Mommy look at me sitting up by myself!
After a long vacation, Silas struggled to get back into the 'ole routine of life. After crying for an hour one day, I took him out, and he had a huge poop while in my lap. Then he made this face. Priceless.