Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bills and Blessings

When your birthday is approaching, there's really no way to forget because you receive that beautiful gift of a tax bill for your car registration a few weeks prior to your special day. As if approaching a new decade wasn't enough, I also received a double dose of humility as I (doubtingly) obtained a (probably long overdue) speeding ticket. Keep those bills a-coming! While I stick to the standard rule of "ten miles over legitimacy", I really felt like the gun was not calibrated in this instance, but, such is life. I think never wanting to have more or less of what I need, it all balanced me out since I have already been blessed by other monetary birthday gifts! God always has a way of providing everything we need!

Little man loved making his tower "big."

It was a bit like playing Jenga.

Visiting our post-surgery friend, proved to be a cat-chasing fun time for Silas.

How sweet is the new Clausen addition, baby Penny!

Stop flirting Silas! She's out of your league.

Date night = homemade popcorn, pumpkin spice cookies, and a movie with my favorite man.

Ending our stay-home weekend with some much needed weed work was another unexpected fun activity!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Venturing out

"They" say that children's separation anxiety peaks between the ages of 10 months to 20 months. Silas seems to have moments where 'mama' is his only source of comfort. I am literally the magic pill that makes all of life feel safe and wonderful. Yet whenever there is a great beat dropped, he can't pick me out of a line up, nor concern himself with a possible child abductor. Whether it's our local Alive after Five in Roswell, downtown Atlanta at an ALS walk, or a brand new city at the Charlotte 5k festival, Silas has ventured out into the abyss recently simply to bounce his little, boy body to a snappy tune. I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for his love of music and dancing!

Silas has now added "fort" to his vocabulary.

The fort stayed up for a few days, and I think Matthew loved it as much as Silas. I love boys!

It only took three visits to the Chic Fil A cow at the ALS walk before we were brave enough to touch the ginormous two-legged cow. I was still to timid to high-five the scary beast.

We were honored to volunteer at this year's ALS walk, which meant we were the first ones there, and first ones to dance.

Silas Cary Smith got to volunteer on his late uncle's birthday this year. Happy Birthday uncle Cary!

We were also blessed with Tour Championship tickets thanks to Dee Dee and T-Pop. Good thing Silas knows what "golf" is, or he may not have understood the quiet part of the game.

Just discussing the intricacies of each players grip and stance.

Silas favorite part about traveling to Charlotte for my step-sister's wedding.

Sarah looked stunning. There wasn't a dry eye in the church!

Congrats Aunt Sarah and Uncle Spence! We love you!

Not our best family photo, but we didn't want to overshadow the bride (pun intended).

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Smart Art

Silas has been bringing home lots of "art projects" from his PMO class, so I figured it was about time we had some of our own art classes at home. A little trip to Walmart and we were set with some new words: "chalk," "mark" (markers) and "hop" (hopscotch) are now part of Si's lexicon. Still working on crayon and colored pencil, which are pretty much designated to the basement area.

We purchased his first piece of luggage at a consignment shop for 5 bucks. I think he's aching to get back on a plane cause he plays with his new suitcase all day!

I found this activity on Pinterest: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk, it was a huge hit! Silas couldn't believe he could make such a fun colorful mess. I should have bought more bottles!

With lots of rainy days recently, I've been so grateful for our unfinished basement. Perfect for active boys!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Laboring

I have never really taken time to understand what exactly we are celebrating during Labor Day. I just get excited because it means Fall is just around the corner. While I fully teach the unreliable fallacies of Wikipedia, here's what looks to be a pretty accurate telling of the holiday that we undertook rest: LABOR DAY A day free of laboring and soaking up that last moments of tanner skin.

With much of my family in Dallas, we entertained some special guests up at the lake.

Sweet baby Wren. Our lovely neighbors whose daughter seems to already attract my son. ;)

Silas refused to nap at the house because he didn't want to miss any boat time. Looks like the boat was as good a place as any for some much needed shut eye.

Loved our captains helping get us back to dock.

The things we do to protect fresh baby skin.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

 ~LakeLaboring Buster