Levi's First package. A kit for us to use in case his G-tube comes out.... hmmm I think he'd rather have some new socks, and I'm pretty sure we'll just take him to the doctor for that procedure.

Sweet boy sleeping soundly at CHOA.

Got it put up in his new changing station/closet.
The sign was hung, the house was cleaned, and I started packing his clothes at Scottish Rite to bring him home! Then his nurse walked in and said, "So..... he didn't have a very good night. The doctor wanted to talk to you because I don't think he's going to let him go home today." I doubt the sweet nurse new that she had just taken my insides and jarred them to pieces.

We've been praying for God to bring Levi home in His perfect timing, so I had to assume that it just wasn't perfect yet. Although, the longer we wait to bring our baby home, the harder it feels like it will be when he gets here. Matthew and I haven't seriously talked about adopting a child yet, but I can now imagine part of that journey. The waiting, getting to know your child from afar, and hoping and praying they'll miraculously meld into the lifestyle of your family is an emotional obstacle course no heart can anticipate. When a child dangles a treat in front of a dog and continuously snatches it away, the dog eventually gives up and decides that the treat isn't worth the effort. When that treat is more than a snack, when the treat is your child that you love dearly, you don't know how to stop your efforts even though your heart and soul are asking for a break. That's when you sit back, breathe deeply, and let the Holy Spirit revive your efforts for you. After all, God keeps seeking to adopt each one of us into his eternal home, even when we continuously walk away from Him. 

After a deep, hard power nap yesterday, we awoke revived and thanked God for more blessings than we could count. Who knows what God has in store for our lives. We are only guaranteed today, so we put one foot in front of the other and trust that we can't see the future, but to God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a single day, so why not wait and see what the next day brings.

We would love your prayers-
  • Levi had several "spells" (as CHOA calls them) where he needed an additional boost of oxygen Saturday night. The doc thinks it's due to fluid retention around his lungs. We all retain fluid after surgery to some degree, but just like cold and flu season could land us back in the hospital with Levi' immature lungs, surgery has also proven to be a set back for him. 
  • Doctors want to watch Levi at least through Wednesday to decide whether to send us home on a diuretic (forces him to get rid of fluid) and oxygen in case he has issues at home. As long as Levi's weight comes down (that's how they know he has fluid because he gained so much weight so quickly) and little to no "spells", then we are looking to bring him home Thursday or Friday. 
  • Please pray that we continue to remain flexible and God-trusting with our unpredictable little Levi (and Silas for that matter) :)
  • Please pray that we take "every thought captive" so that we can be light to a dark world and for many hurting families at CHOA.
  • Please pray that Levi comes home in God's perfect timing (not ours). 

May God bless you and keep you and yours.

~Adopted Buster


  1. I loved reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I can only imagine how excited and scared you must be about bringing your little Levi home after all this time. I pray for a strong and healthy week for Levi and hope he gets to come home later this week. Two adorable little boys! Becky Repic


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