Thursday, August 29, 2013

Never what you think...

I have always been a disciplined person (not that I'm bragging or anything) and try to deny myself of things I want regularly hoping that I will only be dependent on God.  But I never realized how much I depend on my organized routine. I have not wanted to deny myself of my plans, so God is having to break me of that (so much for bragging huh?) with Silas. Every child breaks your routine of course,  but I somehow came to believe that I could get him on my schedule by doing different things I was told or read about, but as always, God had other plans.

I am happy that God doesn't leave me in my comfort. Rather, He loves me enough to keep growing and molding me. It's never easy, but it's certainly where I always want to be. Thus, the second I think we have a great routine, Silas will just have an "off" day (don't we all?) that screws up all my plans. And the days where he's extra tired and naps forever I think, 'wow I should have planned to conquer the world today'. But that would completely negate the idea of surrendering my plans. :) I can't help but see the Lord smiling down at me saying, 'Katie, just enjoy every crazy moment because it won't last long. My plans are ALWAYS the best for your.'  Can I get an "Amen!?"

Little teether is learning to hold his own now, and I think he's about grown out of the infant cushioning!
Date nights are crucial after you have a baby. We are so thankful for our church, not only for introducing us to the Lyons, but for coordinating fun date nights like Improv comedy with free child-care! Thanks JFBC
Recently a baby company (who shall remain nameless until a further publishing date) needed an instructional video baby stand-in at the last minute, and Silas got the call!
What a ham. He did awesome!
I think he like his "model mommy" a little too much. ;)
I was beaming with pride....Hollywood, he is available whenever you'd like. Just be sure he has a warm dressing room with lots of warm milk and cookies ready.
With that smile, who wouldn't get a call-back?
 ~Mommy Buster

Friday, August 23, 2013

Snuggle please?

Lately my little man has loved to snuggle. Here he just woke up...
Here he's too tired to even sleep. :(
Got to shower another BFF with baby love. Anna, to the right of me, will have sweet Caroline in October! Love having all these new babies in the world.
The "Moby Wrap" was great when Silas was small, but it is just a lot of material to deal with now, so I got a deal on this great little sling that I hope I can always use when I can put Silas on my hip.
In an effort to help our man sleep (now that he wants to be awake and roll), we are now permanent tummy sleepers. This angle looks bad. I promise he isn't on his face, nor is he ever at risk. It's just a weird camera angle. He is a strong little man that loves his Nano and George (also pictured here).
We had a snap of cool weather last week. Pants in July... I couldn't believe it. It was almost time for a fall shout-out, but a little too soon. I think Silas is going to love Fall just like his mama.
I started back to work at a part-time teaching job. It's hard to figure out a routine and balance for the work, but a true blessing and growth builder all the same. I love my sweet middle schoolers, but my friend Caitlyn babysat during my first day and sent me this picture, which just about killed me. I missed him even for a few hours!
I can't believe we've only been in our home for two months, and our precious boy has only been alive for 4.5 months. A lot has occurred in a short amount of time. I would not have been able to handle all these life changes at once without the steady support of my Lord and my Hubby. I'm truly blessed. Who could ask for anything more?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo Dump...

Poor Silas is teething nice and early and making our lives nice and sleepless. But who could be made at this sweet teething face while we walk.
The difficult life of a mommy puts her at the end of herself, and she must learn to trust in God beyond herself. When Silas continued to wake from his nap, I tried a little something different one day and it worked- friends. Don't we all want them anyway?
Congrats to Christi and Josh! We loved getting to see your lives unite!
So good to see Alyssa and T. Silas loved all the beautiful women at the wedding!
Silas met his potential girlfriend. Jewel wasn't so sure she wanted to date a younger man though. So great that Silas will have so many "aunts."
Great first family photo!
Wanted to see if he could sit up without a blanket, but alas.... "no mommy I'm not strong enough yet!"
Purchased our first rug, and Silas approves I think.
Silas just loves cell phones and mirrors. What would we do without such them?
With a collar and crossed hands he couldn't be more proper. Golf clap?
I spent a whole weekend away from Silas at my BFF's bachelorette, and as nice as it was to have a break, I ached to get back to my boys. Silas woke up after I got home and snuggled with me for a while. It was amazing!
I was sent this pic while I was in Nashville. I think my boys had too much fun without me.
Now four months, Silas got the okay from the doc to have some snuggling buddies in bed with him. He loves his George.
After taking on a part-time teaching job, things have been crazy and this stage in Silas' development is a tough one, but Matthew and I continue to feel unbelievably blessed that God continues to grow us along this new adventure. He gives us the strength we need when we lack rest, and He provides for always.


Friday, August 2, 2013

A week of firsts

First time in the "woombie" Starting to sleep better... good transition: movement without arms getting out. Woombie: the closest thing to the womb. :)
I think he likes it... for now. He still brings his arms up, but maybe in another month he'll be ready for arms out without hitting himself. He's like a fish out of water.
First time on a plane. We went to Dallas for 5 days for a work conference. Silas cried a bit when we got on, and he thought why am I not in my crib for nap time? Then a bit when his ears popped, but other than that he did great.
First time sleeping in another crib. Thanks to my brother in-law (whose hotel we happened to stay in), Silas had a nice little crib to sleep in.
First time he's starting to enjoy naps without the pacifier. (Gotta keep it close by though.)
First time in the Ergo. I think he likes riding this way.
First time in a pool. My sister took us all to her community pool in Dallas. You can see my nephew jumping in beside us. He didn't seem to understand the importance of the momentous occasion. Silas seemed to really enjoy the water. He'll be doing laps before you know it.

~First CubBuster