quick update

It's looking like Levi will be coming home tomorrow afternoon! While I'm not going to do a dance until he's in the back of our car, we are making detailed preparations for a discharge tomorrow.

They have decided to send Levi home on an one-eighth of an oxygen tank, which we can use on an "as needed" basis along with two more meds (diuretics) to help with his fluid retention (one of which is apparently on a nationwide shortage, so I'll have to crush up my own pills to push through his tube since they don't have the liquid form!).   Man I think I'm ready to be a pharmacist, therapist, and nurse now.

While there is a lot of juggling involved with discharge, we are grateful to have everything we need in place right now, and I think it will be a blessing to have the oxygen for those "scary" moments at home.

We still have quite a journey ahead of us, and I'll try to update whenever possible, but know that we are beyond grateful for all your love and prayers!  God is good, and He continues to see us through all of life's ups and downs that are surely to come.

God bless, The Smiths- future party of four.