Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love my view from my desk. It's been the perfect fall season ending almost simultaneously with Thanksgiving- as it should. Now on to some DIY Christmas decorations.... no mantle so I have to figure out where to decorate... ideas?

Silas still isn't crawling, but I'm not complaining. He'll sit in front of a basket of toys forever... well sometimes he reaches too far for something and topples.

Instead of crawling, he'll roll and push off until he gets what he wants.

Mommy, I won't go anywhere unless you help me.

The best medicine for a tough day at work. Matthew and I love a little something sweet after dinner.

So impressed with my hubby's "DIY" maintenance. My car door handle broke, and I couldn't open it from the inside or outside. With little to no "car" maintenance experience, I was quite impressed that he took off the panel and fixed it! DIY always helps the wallet and the esteem. :)

I was confused by the fresh green buds on our barren winter tree. Apparently we have some mistletoe growing, and I never knew that it's actually a parasite slowly killing its host. Who thought to kiss under a parasite? Christmas here we come!
~Coffee CubBuster

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What do you do?

I'm often asked what I "do all day" as a new mommy. Well, that's a good question. I don't really know what happens to the hours of my day. Somewhere between diaper changing, baby-talking, coffee making, coffee drinking, toy and mush cleaning, and a little lesson planning or grading, the day just seems to pass by. While I know that my son is learning more in his day than I am, I have still acquired a plethora of new understandings myself:

Life lessons introduced by a 7-month old:
1. It's okay if you get nothing done in your day except caring for your family
2. Set small goals that you know you can accomplish for yourself: i.e. a load of laundry and a trip to the post office.
3. Set bigger goals that you can be flexible with their accomplishment date: i.e.  house projects, complete makeover, and saving the world.
4.  Create a schedule to maintain sanity: i.e. laundry Wednesdays, working/job stuff Tuesdays, and play-date Mondays. And don't worry if you have to adjust your schedule sometimes. That's life.
5. Babies may not be able to understand a cell-phone's capabilities, but they know when mommy or daddy is looking at the cell phone instead of them. Don't create a bad habit for them to emulate when they get their own phone.
6. Don't plan too much. Spontaneity is the froth and foam of life.
7. Don't compare your child's development with someone else. (This doesn't just apply to babies but every stage of development)
8. Make time to just sit alone, and keep dating your spouse. Your child knows loves to see mommy and daddy happy together.
9. All humans are prone to rebel against what is best for them. Even a 7 month-old will begin to test the waters of disobedience.
10. Get out and let your child see the world. You might even begin to remember what it was like to view this world through the eyes of a child. It's rejuvenating.

Silas giving Dee Dee a congrats hug on her new job. (Or maybe just a tired hug after a big lunch. Either way you want to read it.)

Silas has already decided that he doesn't want to eat baby food. This was his first act of independence. He fought and flung the pureed food and wouldn't eat unless he could pick it up with his own two mushy fingers.

Like father like son: chips a salsa lovers. Silas was drooling, although he always does that.

Our friend Bobby, the personal trainer, giving Silas a lesson in crawling. His son, Max, giving Silas a lesson in kissing/biting.

This is the "I'm tired, pout face."

Never thought I'd use this gift, but the Target carts are a little big for Si-man, so this was perfect. He loves getting to see everything in the store now.

Great date night with our new movie theater experience- Leather recliners and reserved seating! Matthew was in heaven. Don't think we can go to any other theater now that we have been spoiled.

Silas LOVED his first swings experience. It only lasted about ten minutes (like most activities), but it made both of our days brighter.

~Learning Buster

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Silas' hair is growing before my eyes. I couldn't resist a little styling one day. It lasted about an hour.

He really looks like such a big boy when he brushes his teeth, I mean gums.

He's either going to be a dentist, orthodontist, or work for Oral B.

Just gotta get a few pearly whites first.

I feel like I'm growing up too. I went from DNOW student, to leader, to Host Home this past weekend.

These girls grew up before my eyes. I've had them since they were freshman and now as seniors they had their last Disciple Now at the house I grew up in. (I'm holding back nostalgic tears.) Love you beanie babies!

It was an exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating weekend. God is good.

Then we reunited with our "newly-wed" small group leaders and brought all these growing babes.

You all have been prayed for even before you started growing too fast.

It has been an amazing extended fall, and I love that it's not over yet. Silas and I experienced some more colorful goodness on a recent walk. Thanksgiving here we come!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The two boys in my life hit some important milestones last week.... I feel like I should do something for the first time... hmmmmm..... I can pick up objects with my toes while holding a heavy baby, talking on the phone, and folding laundry. Does that count?
Silas can sit up in his stroller now. (I think he was ready a while ago, but I just loved looking at him when I ran. He pushed me to keep going!)
All he needs is a tag or something to chew, and he's good to go. He LOVES looking at all the trees and leaves blowing. I wonder where he gets that from?
Great way to keep him occupied while I finish drying my hair.
It's funny though, he kind of just pets his animals when they are all together like this. It's like he's at the zoo and he sees an "animals will bite" sign.
We love our Thursday sitter!  Thanks for coming over to play Evie and Miss Caitlyn.
Matthew turned 30 on Halloween. He said he felt old, as we stayed home and passed out candy. Who wouldn't want to do that on their birthday?
I think this was his favorite thing from his milestone birthday.
We had a little GA/FL birthday party. It was the most guests our house has seen yet. Go Dawgs!
Everyone kept asking what I was dressing up Silas as for Halloween. I guess I'm a bad mom cause I just put him in his Trick or Treat and Pumpkin "onsies". I mean I already put him in an actual pumpkin. Doesn't that count?
He didn't seem to mind. Although I'm sure I'll hear about it when he's a teenager... "geez mom you are so lazy, why didn't you dress me up for Halloween?" Cause I can't sew! I stink.

Happy 30th Matthew. I love you!  Happy first Halloween Silas.  I love you!  Happy Fall everyone! I love it!