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Presidential Quotes...

My big boy was given the task of finding a quote from his draw of President Gerald Ford. This was the easiest choice, and quite poignant if you ask this mama (see video), but I didn't know Mr. Ford had another very wise word for us this President's weekend.... 
History and experience tell us that moral progress comes not in comfortable and complacent times, but out of trial and confusion.
Maybe the current state of our democracy will increase our progress due to all the confusion that exists.  I would add that both moral and physical progress come from those tough times. Some of the least moral and least resilient people are those who have never faced true adversity. I certainly have a long way to go because my life isn't what I'd call laborious, but I pray daily against complacency in hopes of continuing to grow in my progress.
 Little Levi is living proof of progress, and I pray his moral character is shaped from his story. As most have seen, Levi tends to leave his …

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