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When you really love someone, real love, you hurt at their hurts, you take care of what they need caring, and you love what they love. We reciprocate our emotions when we love. God carries our burdens and feels our pain, and sheds our tears, so we do so for one another, even if we can never fully reciprocate the kind of love He is capable of holding for each one of His children.
In the last three years, we've brought home three different babies. Three years ago, God brought home many of His babies, but one in particular was my best friend. Kyra is home, and I rejoice with her, but I miss her.
I want to care for Kyra's family still waiting to go home one day. I want to be there and carry the burdens of her parents, her sisters, her husband, and her daughters. I hurt with them. I laugh with them. I cry with them. This is all possible because of a reciprocal love we share for a single individual.
Three years ago Kyra held little Levi, no, she snuggled little Levi with his cords, …

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