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Broke into Whole

Times of greatest stress and tension occur because we have entered into a temporary moment of brokenness.

Brokenness because of our bruises
Brokenness because of busyness
Brokenness because of our blaming
Brokenness because of our battles
Brokenness because of our being

Until we enter a time of solitude with our Savior in order to receive serene healing, we feel helpless and hopeless as we hang on brokenness.

Once we slow down and separate ourselves for a short time from standard routine of this life and enter into a purposeful time of respite, only then can we be still and quiet long enough to hear God, feel His Spirit, and sweetly unite with His Son. Then all brokenness seems to wash away. We are fresh, new, whole.

This big man is no longer in preschool! Except that he'll be at the same preschool for Kindergarten, so he is calling it the "5 class." I like that better anyway! :)
He was dressed as a "toy builder" for "when I grow up" day. No matter ho…

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