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Push 'um till they fall

Have you ever seen a child lose their grip while climbing? Even if they are aware that you are right there to catch them, they instantly starting crying, screaming, or the like. This reaction stems from fear: fear of falling, fear of getting hurt, fear of not being caught, or fear of the unknown peril that awaits. We all share this reaction into adulthood. Of course this may seem to belabor the obvious, but if you believe, as I do, that there is always someone there to catch you, then why the impulsive and automatic response? Because it is a natural response to potential harm. We are conditioned to brace before blunder; this basic instinct benefits mankind (most of the time). If we didn't clench and prepare for the worst or scream for help, our physicality may endure more harm as a result. Thus, it's an adventageous reaction when it protects your body, but when it hinders your spirit from facing fear, it loses its value.
I'm under the assumption (albeit true or false) that…

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