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Living in the trenches

The word Trench corresponds to other words evoking less than idyllic pictures including, ditch, trough, rut, and drain. If you've ever watched a WWI film, you'll likely imagine a type of depression in the ground that is deeper than it is wide and narrower than it is long, not an optimal places to set up a camp. The claustrophobic side of me shivers at being called to those trenches, yet the very concept of a trench was meant for safety. Some would say leaving the trench meant imminent death, while others felt temporary insanity being forced to remain in one. Trying to get above ground without suffering physical or emotional turmoil was virtually impossible. I'm certain that more than one brave soldier celebrated a birthday, anniversary, or holiday in those trenches, making them all the more heroic. I dare not compare any portion of my life to that of World War heroes, but I'll speak to the expression that I'm "living in the trenches" right now.
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