Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When you smile...

The whole world smiles! This was his very first "conscious smile"
Who says you can't dress up little boys for fun too? Silas enjoyed sleeping at the lake instead of fishing or swimming. Anyone surprised?
Our newest pastime consists of singing to Silas until he shows us his new array of smiles. Matthew discovered this newest ability when he began singing a classical ballad... I won't embarrass him by naming the lyrics.
It doesn't matter how tired you are, this will make everything better!
I mean come on. Are you still having a bad day?
Did that make it better yet!?
Had my  first few outing without the little man to go to coffee, dance, and this beautiful woman's wedding shower. Love you Christi!
Thanks to my old roomie for some over-sized coffee mugs to start my day right. A cup of joe and the Word make life worth living.
This is his favorite gesture.  I think he's solving the world's problems. That a boy Silas. I knew you'd come up with a solution to global warming.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Undeserving Queen

"I'm going to teach our son(s) how to treat you like a queen." Yes, these undeserving words came from my sweet husband. He is excited and adamant that Silas, and any future sons, know how to treat their mama like a queen, which will hopefully translate to all of their female relationships. While it may seem like I hit the jackpot with a partner, it's really God's way of growing me as a wife and mother too.

I was asked recently the biggest change (besides the obvious ones) in my life since having a baby. I thought, and quickly said, "humility". Over and over I am humbled by God since becoming a mommy. When I think I know everything, Silas soon proves me wrong. I actually have the audacity to get angry at my helping husband when I'm tired and he doesn't help the "way I want." Am I starting to sound absolutely awful? I catch myself protectively tightening when other incoming arms are taking my son. What has happened to me to turn me into a ridiculous monster?  Motherhood happened.
Instead of allowing myself to roll down these prideful, and worrisome track, I turn to Christ in humility and thank Him for being in ultimate control of my family's lives.

Thank you for a husband of 2 years that made me breakfast in bed 2 times in the past 2 weeks: our 2 year anniversary and my first Mother's day! I love you baby.

Thank you for so many who have visited, brought meals, and prayed for us this past month! We are truly thankful for each one of you!

Thank you for a beautiful boy who is just like his daddy: a great eater and sleeper!

Thank you Morgan for an amazing gift of this photo shoot!

Thank you for yummy coffee I just drank this morning. :)
I am truly undeserving, and so thankful!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


I introduced the newest member of our family a while back... not Silas, but Brevy. I'm thankful that I have longer morning while Silas is napping to warm up Brevy steam some much needed caffeine. If you've ever wondered why Europeans can drink lattes and cappuccinos all day, it's because there is less caffeine in a shot of espresso than an American cup of coffee. Thus, I thank you Brevy that I can drink more of you now that I'm a mommy with segmented sleep patterns!

Now on to our other beloved family member...  Happy one-month old birthday Silas!  I can't believe you are growing so quickly! 

The Moby is perfect for toting Silas to the movie theater. He sleeps like a baby on mommy.
After Silas lost his little cord, it was time for a real bath experience. He was a bit uncertain at first, but quickly learned to love the spa life.
"Tummy Time" is our favorite. It's fun to watch his neck strengthen and his curiosity grow.
When relaxed, you can really see how long Silas is. We think he'll be tall like his dad and mom! He's already quite a mover as you can see he kicked his way to the crib posts. I'm nervous about his soon-to-be crawling days!
I adore this pic. My heart melts at thinking about the bond these boys will always have together. Like father like son: feed me well, and I will always sleep well.

We love you baby boy!