Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Pics!

If you want to check out all the wedding pictures, go to:


You'll see some of our picks in the beginning main page, but to view them all, click on "Client Viewing." Then, put my email address: ktblair@gmail.com and the password = coffee (I didn't even pick that password- I guess my reputation precedes me!)

Can't wait to get some pictures in our new home!

I'm thankful Matthew and I didn't maul each other like this.

I'm all for a little fun cake smashing, but I'm REALLY thankful we didn't take it to this extreme! That girl looks like she'll need an eye doctor later.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Weekend PART 2

The day before I tied the knot---what does that really mean anyway? I don't get it. Does anyone know the origin of "tying the knot"? If so... the eternal student in me is dying to know cause as far as I remember, I never tied any knots on my wedding day---anyway, everyone kept asking if it had "hit me" yet and was I nervous or stressed. For some reason, only known by God's peace, I had none of those emotions.  I was extremely excited to marry my best friend and get to live with him for the rest of my life. It was a day of true joy. God absolutely poured, no exploded His love on Matthew and I. The words that were spoken by so many loved ones at our rehearsal dinner cannot not be expressed. They were felt from the heart and humbling to the core. I know I've said it a thousand times, but we are truly the most blessed persons on this Earth, and I believe it's God's love coming through so many people that makes us feel so very blessed. He is so good.

So, I'm realizing I was too caught up in the amazing fact that I was about to get married, and I also realize that my Olympus failed me at the most critical moments of all, so I have no pictures form the rehearsal dinner. Anyone out there who actually reads this blog and attended the rehearsal. Please send the CubBuster those pics! :) 
It was an amazing dinner in the upstairs event room at Paper Mill Grill. Thank you Marsha and Guy for putting together an amazing rehearsal dinner. I have the best in-laws in the world! We cannot thank you enough for all you did and all you said to make our wedding the unbelievable event that it was!

~Mrs. CubBuster

Monday, May 23, 2011

We interrupt this program

Okay, I had to break away from the past wedding stuff to post on a present marriage situation. I interrupt this program for a very important announcement:
If you are not married, you should be. Marriage is amazing. Okay, maybe it wouldn't be if you just married some joe shmoe on the street, but when you find that person that God designed just for you, and you wait on His perfect timing, it is pure bliss!!! Seriously, it will be even more amazing for you if you are still waiting because He is refining you and your spouse to make your marriage incredible! Keep waiting for God's best!

Matthew and I are not your traditional newlyweds. Instead of waiting for our one year anniversary, we've been eating large amounts of wedding cake every night this week. Talk about putting on the marriage weight! :)  (But it's totally worth it!)
Our typical week night setting. A Large slice of cake, glass of milk, and Friends DVD on our computer (since we still don't have a TV).  

This was last week's extra cake on left and topper on right. (We've almost finished all of it in a week!)

My amazing husband let me sleep late on Saturday while he started making french toast! I put together the fruit and yogurt dip, and the tissue is for our remaining colds. :)
My husband loves the Lord, but he's not kneeling to pray. He's being my handyman! I probably could have figured out the L-shaped bracket thingy if I wanted to, but why not let my husband do it now?!

May you always count your blessings and remember the simple joys in life!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WEDDING Weekend Part 1

Okay, so the CubBuster has been occupied for quite some time, but I mean I became a Smith, got a job, moved, and traveled around the world in such a short time that I have reason for my absence.

I cannot find the words to express how absolutely blessed I feel and have felt for such a long time. I want to bottle up these emotions and feelings so that when the hard days come, I can remember how blessed I am. God tells us that we will have good times and bad, but when He is our rock, there is nothing to worry about. He always gets us through the tough stuff, and that's why we can truly appreciate the good stuff. If only I could truly thank everyone who made our wedding as amazing at is was. There really aren't words.

Matthew and I could not have had a more amazing wedding weekend. I mean, seriously. Besides the day I discovered coffee, found Jesus, made a homemade ice cold frappacino, figured out how to make the slinky go all the way down the stairs, or watched my first "Friends" episode, my wedding day was the best day of my life! Well, maybe second best after the day I just had in Italy having gelato four times in a row..... But you get the idea. It was incredible!  What a blessing. While there were a few things we'd all change (I mean nothing is really perfect except heaven, God, and coffee-flavored gelato) it was perfect!

We had our rehearsal on Friday since there were back-to-back weddings scheduled on Saturday....

At the botanical gardens getting ready for the run-through!
My brother and Nick were so professional.
They wanted to keep everyone on track and not miss a beat (pun intended)
Dad got there late, so I had to be sure he new what to do.
"Take one step forward, then the next, then another, then another."

See I'm a great teacher!
Miss Carla rocks as a wedding coordinator!
I think she missed her calling.
My dad wanted to be sure Matthew took over my hand fully,
which symbolized having to deal with all aspects of Katie Blair
in the near future. Good luck Mr. Smith!
We didn't want to mess up at all, so we listened to Pastor Carlos intently.
When he speaks, its definitely important to listen.
At pre-rehearsal dinner. Two days before the big day!
Thank you Dad and Kathy for putting together such a fabulous evening.
We love you!

Lots more wedding and honeymoon posts to come. If you hate wedding stuff, just take a break from visiting the CubBuster for a while. :)  But I promise the Europe pics are worth the read!

~Mrs. CubBuster Smith