The beginning of any new adventure always elicits feelings of confounded concern. Whether it's the first day of college or the first time you take your newborn out of the house, there's a genuine question of whether or not you'll succeed or flounder. I reminisced with these emotions the past couple of days during our technological training and bedside "lock-in" with Levi. Every mom feels like a "crazy bag lady" throughout her career, but this feels like a whole new kind of juggling; instead of balls and bags, it's like I am tossing baby chicks in the air. There's just a whole new set of rules, and a whole new set of equipment that I never imagined I'd be handling. However, I continue to see God's provision for our emotional and physical needs moment by moment, and he's given us so many "family" members to love and encourage us along the way.

I didn't grow up with a "church family," so the idea of going to a large congregation, let alone a Baptist one wasn't my ideal situation. I don't care about denomination or size, but I do care about my relationship with Jesus, and our church has done such an amazing job of showing us exactly that kind of relationship; they have loved and served us as if we've always been in each others lives, and I think that's exactly why Christ came, so we could see how to have a personal relationship with a big God.
Moreover, God has blessed us with quite an extended family across the country. Not everyone knows what to say right now because they aren't sure what we need or how to empathize, but it's beautiful to see how our family has loved us in exactly their own perfect way. Schedules have been changed, gifts have been sent, calls have made, our house cleaned, our yard cut, our hearts loved. When I sit back and think about all the love we've witnessed these past four months, I can't help but believe there's nothing too difficult for us with the help of God's loving arms holding us through our loving families.

Man... what an exceptional looking family I belong to.
Hi mommy
What are you guys doing here during my midnight feeding?
Learning to suck on my pacifier and still breathe!
This has been like a Christmas morning activity. Instead of wrapping paper, old toys wrapped in new ice!

- Levi's infection is getting better!
- Levi is scheudled to come home Monday if all goes well!
- Levi is learning to suck on his pacifier!
-Levi is still doing well with his g-tube fundo feedings!

- Levi's infection around g-tube to clear up before discharge.
- Levi's ability to eat by mouth. (A miracle that would be amazing!)
- Our transition to bring Levi home. He still coughs and chokes a bit, but he recovers on his own which is great, but the Apnea alarm he will have on him is insanely loud, so I imagine Silas will be up crying when Levi is struggling at the same time. Prayers he'll get better and not have many episodes at home. 
- Silas has stopped sleeping through the night since he met Levi. We aren't sure why, but he seems scared at night. We are getting exhausted. Prayers for our big man and our peace.
- Our ability to be mobile with a child that has so many special needs and special equipment, along with all the coordination of his physical, mental, and developmental rehab.
-There are so many children at CHOA with so many situations much worse than our own. Please pray for these special families and strength to endure.

Thank you for your love family. We love you!

~Family Buster