Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dallas Thanksgiving

Another whirlwind start to the holiday season! Thanksgiving was filled with busy moving and lots o' eatin. I'm so thankful Matthew and I could make the 12 hour drive to Dallas (and thankful we made it back home safely) to meet my new nephew and chill with my old nephew, well he's not quite two yet...Oh and see some other family members that are barely pictured here because these boys were the focus of everyone's attention. 

Big brother Easton was adorable with little Tanner. He kept giving him kisses and whenever he'd cry, Easton would say... "uh oh, baby".  He's working on sentence completion  right now.
Tanner looks just like Easton did- sweet, cute, and edible.
I got a little practice of my own while I was there. Man am I glad we are just starting with one child at a time!
I couldn't love him more. I wish we lived closer!
We all took Easton to the Gaylord Hotel for the "Ice" exhibit. The theme this year was Madagascar. It really is amazing what they can do with large colored blocks of ice. I didn't take any pics of the theme-ice sculptures because I wanted to watch Easton's face the whole time. :)
They keep the exhibit tent at 9 degrees, so parkas had to be part of the deal! 
This was the only part of the show that wasn't colored- A scene of baby Jesus in the manger. I  loved explaining the scene to Easton.
This is my favorite pic- Mommy and Easton thankful for each other.
Easton looked a bit confused, but I think he enjoyed the slide. Is it weird that I liked the slide too?

I had been to the Gaylord in Nashville, but the one in Dallas was pretty incredible!
I love this pic of uncle Matthew and Easton. He was fascinated with Matthew's whiskers and also enjoy putting his finger in his nose right before putting it in Matthew's ear.... I waited to tell Matthew about the nose picking until Easton came down.

Uncle Matt was rocking the No shave-Movember. If Easton didn't look so happy, Matt might look like a sketchy man named Juan stealing a child. Love you uncle Matt! 

Tanner displayed how we all felt by the end of the weekend. ... Pooped. I don't think the Coors Lite had anything to do with his facial expression though. Let's hope not. 
It was finally time on the way home.... Christmas music with a gingerbread latte!!! Matthew and I know how to make a long car ride go by fast. I am so ready to decorate and get in the Christmas spirit now!!! 30 days and counting!

How could you not be thankful for laughter?  So much to give thanks for in this world. We don't even have to look hard.   Happy Thanksgiving!

~Thankful AuntBuster

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Better late than never

It's been a busy couple of weeks, hence the delay in this post. But Matthew and I couldn't let our annual pumpkin carving pass by, so we decided to have Halloween in November. After his birthday we made an excellent Jack and Jill. Our neighbors probably thought we were weird--- just blame it on the baby. I already do that for everything else- poor kid doesn't have a chance. We loved coming home the first week of November to the lit up gords and a slice of my famous Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake (Matthew's annual birthday request).

Can you guess which one Matthew carved?

I'm so excited for a week off of work as we prepare to give thanks after our 12 hour car ride to Dallas. I will be giving thanks for car games and Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving!!! Oh and maybe a few other significant and less trivial blessings.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and Heaven

Our last slice of fall heaven was found in Helen, GA. We met some friends of ours up there to savor the end of the season.
Bad quality pic, but the Clausens are true campers! Daniel slept in a hammock the whole night!
My little nephew Easton is growing up too fast. Not sure how he got the boo boo, but I'm sure he got to say boo last Wednesday and received some candy to wipe away his tears.

How precious is my new nephew. Not even two months old yet. I can't wait to meet him at Thanksgiving!

Almost 18 weeks! We are almost half way there. I feel huge sometimes, but then I do all my dancer stretches, so I make myself feel better that way. :) It's all about perspective.