Shock and Surprise

There is a very significant difference between a surprise and a shock. I for one love surprises because they tend to be fun and spontaneous in nature. However, a shock typically insights a negative emotion. When the body goes into shock, it's seeking to paralyze our system in order to keep us from overloading. If we knew a shocking event were going to occur before it did, it probably wouldn't hurt as much. It's the unexpected and unpreparedness that feels debilitating. For instance, when we lost a baby in between our two boys, had someone told me that I could get pregnant again very quickly, but I'd have to endure a premature baby with many special needs, I would not have been in such emotional distress when Levi was born. I would have been a little more at rest knowing what the future held. I also would not have traded getting to be Levi's mom for anything; I wouldn't go back in time and decide to remain a family of three. However, when a distressing shock impacts our children instead of ourselves, it stings that much more. As we watch little innocent lives that have been entrusted to us endure any hardship, our insides ache as if we are burning into ash. Parents want to be the "shock absorbers" for their children no matter what the situation. It feels even more painful when we are shocked at God's inability to save our young ones as we cover them with prayers of healing protection. Yet, God has no inabilities. Can we choose to trust that even He can make good out of horrific shock? Can we choose to believe in faith that he has something better than we planned? Can we choose to trust His control even when we can't breathe from the shock? As our friends endure shocking unexpected results from their son's brain surgery, I must choose to trust that God can lovingly absorb so much of their pain because that's exactly why Jesus endured the cross. We love even when we can't comprehend because that is the only way we find true peace. Please continue to pray for the McMath family-

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family as well. The meeting yesterday was a "shock" to the discharge nurse who hadn't scheduled it herself (I scheduled it on my own accord), but it ended up being part of God's perfect plan. Not only were we able to gather much of Levi's team in one place to express our sincere gratitude and obtain answers to practical in-home care questions, but the timing was perfect! Last night we were surprised to get a call from the GI doctor giving us the name of the surgeon who will be performing Levi's G-tube-FUNDO wrap surgery in two days! Levi is leaving his home at Northside tomorrow after a four month stint and heading across the street to CHOA! This was a huge surprise because we were just told yesterday morning that it probably would not occur until after the 4th of July holiday. We were also grateful to God that the neurosurgeon evaluated Levi and concluded that his muscles are still too small for a biopsy this week, so he'd rather wait until he's closer to nine months! Praise God we get more time to let Levi grow on his own accord!

It's also been a sweet blessing that our best friends are home from Italy and have dropped everything to come play with Silas during our sporadic hospital move..... Thank you Karrs!
- Levi is leaving Northside and about to get tubes out of his nose and throat!
- Silas continues to remain flexible during such a crazy time in our lives!
- Our meeting was smooth, sweet, and as conclusive as possible yesterday!

- Please pray for Levi's transport tomorrow. He'll be leaving all the doctors and nurses he's come to love and know.
- Please pray for the new team taking care of Levi. He's always been a quirky and sensitive patient.
- Please pray for the surgery scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Levi will have to be under anesthesia, intubated (back on a vent), and of course all surgery comes with risks.
- Please pray that Levi responds well to the G-tube. Not only do we want him to be able to handle stomach feeds, but we really want him to get off the vent as soon as possible after surgery. If he doesn't handle the intubation well, he could end up back at Northside all over again before he can come home.
- Please pray for the surgeon who will be using Laparoscopic technology to do the surgery.
- Please pray for Matthew and I to easily understand all that will go into feeding Levi and caring for him in this new unique way when he's home.
-Please pray that Levi comes home in God's perfect timing.

Thank you so very much for your love and prayers!

- Surprised Buster