Lost sheep

 Silas recently flipped forcefully through the delicate pages of my worn Bible and said "mommy read this!" In an effort to maintain my precious reading time, I decided to tell him one quick parable in the most enthusiastic way I could muster. I assumed he'd be bored with Biblical history in a hurry and shut my Bible while loudly pronouncing, "All done!" as he's done so many times before. But for some reason this time he was enthralled with the story of the Lost Sheep. While it might have something to do with my over-dramatic pronunciations and hand gestures, I think deep down, we are all amazed by a man who would leave all of his secured income to chase after one tiny component of his employment.
Now, Silas wants me to read the "sheep story" every time he catches a glimpse of me reading God's word. After multiple recitations, it struck me again how amazing it is to be loved by God. It's not about the man trying to maintain his livelihood. Rather, it's the love of a parent for his children. It doesn't matter whether your child portrays all your loving discipline in public or not, or whether he/she expresses his/her love in return on a regular basis. No. Mothers and fathers would travel across fire and ice to save their babies. They'd give up delicious dairy; they'd give up their profession; most parents would give their right arm, if not their very life, to ensure the safety and well-being of their offspring.
This Earthly love doesn't compare to that which our Father in Heaven possesses for each one of us. He comes after each one of us with a zeal we will never comprehend, and if we are too busy to recognize his love and pursuit, he just pursues us harder. It really takes my breath away and gives me true peace to experience that kind of love.
I understand that love a bit more as I have become a parent myself. I am blessed to learn forced selflessness and know that no matter how many days I get to have my children under my wing, I am forever held in the arms of my God. He keeps carrying us through, and I am forever amazed.

Here's the latest on Levi:
I am still waiting to hear about the blood tests for muscle tone, but two great notes on that. First, I thank you for praying because I have not been anxious or struggled with waiting on those results all week. Second, Levi's doctor said he'd be VERY surprised if the blood came back with anything. He said Levi's muscle tone has improved so much and his facial structure looks good and normal, so he won't need any further testing if the tests are clear!YAY!

Levi got his first taste of fresh air and sunshine yesterday! He's on room air!!!! And his doctor and our favorite nurse decided to take him outside for a minute because he seemed so bored in his room! I wasn't there for the monumental moment, but I had left a disposable camera for any nurse to snap a shot of little Levi. I can't wait to go develop that film. What a fun surprise that we never experience anymore: film development! :)

Levi has had some "positive tastings" the last few days. He was seen by a GI doctor regarding how to send him home on a feeding tube, and both the doctor and the therapist believe Levi will eventually be able to eat by mouth, it may just take several months of feeding therapy.

Levi has had some good movement in his right arm, but the therapists noticed some slowness in the right side of his tongue. It seems apparent that the entire right side of his body must have been smashed in the uterus because his right hand and right foot are worse and now the right side of his mouth.

Please pray for Levi:
- stay on room air
- do well with gastric tube feedings (slowly moving feeding tube to his stomach instead of intestines which is much easier to care for at home)
- learn to swallow his saliva so he can learn to eat by mouth
- improve all muscles on the right side of his body

We are encouraged and overjoyed at his great progress! Still could be several weeks before he's home, but we are so thankful for his Northside care and the new team of specialists that we'll get to know once discharged. 

With love and joy,
~Coffee CubBuster


  1. Praise God! Praying for you everyday! Kisses for Levi & hugs for Silas!


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