One Month Pic

I don't know who invented those cute little monthly signs for the first year of babies' lives, but I didn't know anything about it when I had Silas. I'm kind of glad I didn't do it though, cause poor Levi wouldn't have quite the same pizazz that his older brother did (or any full term baby for that matter) at one month.  Today is that day. Happy 1 month on this Earth sweet Levi! It has flown by more than you could possibly imagine with a plethora of medical knowledge and tubes and monitors I'd rather forget. But I will never ever regret your arrival for a minute. You've changed my life for the better already, and I thank God for this past month of learning and leaning.

This past week I've been able to see amazing ways that God has given me glimpses of my future in the past. Two years ago Silas came into this world, and he too went into the amazing Northside NICU as a full-term infant because of some fluid he ingested at birth. With fear and uncertainty, we would travel via elevator (instead of hwy 400) from my recovery room to his bedside. I distinctly remember holding Silas in my wheelchair and a very spunky and pleasantly-dressed (not in the same hospital gown I was wearing at the time) young girl coming into the NICU next to us. She and her husband warmly greeted Matthew and I, then enthusiastically exclaimed, "Oh he's going to be fine! He's nice and fat!" All I could think was, how do they know? And why are they so happy coming to a NICU!? what secrets do they know that I don't!? And why are they calling my baby fat!?!
I came to learn that she had brought twins into the world at around one pound each. She had already been traveling to Northside to visit and pump for about 30 days. I remember wondering why she seemed so cordial and upbeat.

I am now that girl!  Well, I didn't birth twins, but I know what it means to come to a hospital to visit your newborn day after day. I have had two different occasions this week to excitedly encourage other new parents who are new to the intensive care world. It's been a 360 degree glimpse, and a joy that only God could orchestrate. It's truly a gift, and I feel a sense of purpose every time I smile and congratulate a new parent in the NICU.

Please continue to pray- Levi has his eye exam supposedly around 6:00, and I will be there to comfort him afterwards. Babies born before 30 weeks are at risk of under-developed blood vessels in their eyes or their retinas not attaching correctly. Likewise, too much oxygen or not enough oxygen can hinder a preemie's vision, so please pray for his precious eyes to be well.
I am so thankful that a couple from our church, whose 3 month old has a tumor behind his eye, just posted how much they love their son's eye doctor who works for Thomas Eye Group in Sandy Springs. This is the practice that will see Levi tonight!!!! God is so good.

Praise- I got to hold Levi today, he was moving and letting out small cry-like whimpers like a strong boy, and then peacefully slept on mommy. He is still off the full vent and doing great on his "training wheels!"

Thank you so very much for all your love and prayers!

~360 Buster