Holding onto Hope

Just when I thought I might have to stop running the marathon and begin walking at my own sorry pace, I was given glimpses of pure joy and hope that now keep my pace to a slow jog. As I began to feel a lack of patience and a lousy perspective, from a lack of sleep and a stunted routine, my two year old reminded me of the joy in puddles. In the same vein of lemons, the rain was not a mood killer for the Silas. Instead, it was as if he had never experienced the utter ecstasy of jumping into standing water and watching the ripples rise around his ankles. As much as I wanted to return to the dryness of our home, I had to linger to capture his adventure, and do a little stomping of my own.

 For some reason, Silas has decided to begin waking up in the middle of the night, as well as argue against the coveted afternoon nap. I'm told this is a common phase with all his new found imagination, but I think he's still trying to compete with Levi. Nevertheless, I am maintaining a shortness of REM hours like any other new mom. So I say why not start him on some caffeine too?!
In case you can't sense the sarcasm in plain type, don't worry... it's just water! ;)

 More of those drops of hope occurred yesterday when I found out little Levi was well enough to leave his isolate and join the world in a crib!  I was ecstatic to see my little one looking at my picture when I arrived! While he still had a couple episodes, he seemed to love his new digs!
When I have to leave my little Levi, these boys sure make it easier to come home! Gotta get this picture up for Levi to see too.

 Even more strides occurred just this morning. I showed up to witness Levi getting a different kind of "training wheels". The next step in his respiratory strengthening would be to move to a "high flow" oxygen and then to a mere cannula (like you'd see in an elderly person). But the doctor felt that he was ready to try to RAM (can't recall what it stands for) where he has less scuba gear, but still the bubble of pressure.
As they switched out his tubing, I got a quick pic of him. I was reminded that his head will not always be so oblong, his eyes will not be so swollen, and his nose will not stay pig-like. This is all a side effect of the CPAP pressure and gear. He's still so pliable that everything will change drastically by the time he's home. While I appreciated the reassurance, I also wouldn't mind if he was a little piggy. :)

Thank you so much for continuing to lift our little family up to the Lord. I really don't know how anyone can experience life's unexpected roller coasters without heavenly support.

I just read an amazing story of encouragement and strength to overcome some of life's greatest hurdles:  read Cliff Young's story here.

~ Levi is out of the isolate!
~Levi weighs 4 pounds 5.8 ounces!
~Levi is getting stronger lungs!
~Levi's kindey scan was great!
~Levi's feet are now taped in splints and doing good!
~Levi's hand looks better and stronger daily!

~Levi has another eye test today
~Levi still has some episodes so he needs to get stronger with regard to his lungs
~Levi's ability to try nursing and bottle feeding in the coming weeks
~Silas' ability to sleep soundly
~Matthew and my energy, strength, and time together

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Hopeful Buster


  1. Great post Katie, great news, great praise, great joy ... God is Great. Let us know about the eye exam.
    Your Padre (original CubBuster)


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