Your story

Now that Levi has been off the vent for a little while and on the bubble CPAP (seen above), we have been encouraged to hold him every day! He can't be out of the isolate (incubator) for more than about an hour a day right now, so Matthew and I have traded off days for holding time. My Tuesday and Thursday mornings fill my heart as I get some one-on-one time with this little scrunch. Some nurses call it "head gear" and others call it "scuba gear" for obvious reasons, but it's hard to see his precious features under all that stuff, but let me assure you, he is beautiful. :)

Thank you so much for your prayers too! Levi's brain scan came back clear (but he'll probably have one or two more before he's out of the hospital to check the maturation), and he's starting to fill out a little each day.... around 3 pounds 7 ounces. 

This past weekend, I felt like I actually knew how to take care of little Levi for the first time!  I was holding him and offering him his pacifier, and he began to suck on it very hard! I was excited to see this new development, but quickly afterward, his oxygen levels began to drop. I was all alone with Levi and no nurses were rushing in to help. I calmly realized that he probably couldn't suck and breathe at the same time (I mean that's quite an accomplishment many of us don't advertise as our top talent), so I began to "stimulate" him by rubbing his back. His stats still weren't coming back, but I didn't feel stressed like I normally do. Instead, I repositioned him, took out the pacifier, and talked to him while rubbing his back. Soon his levels rose to a happy place. Our favorite nurse popped in after that and said she had been watching his stats and waiting the whole time. I was actually thankful she held back so that I could gain a little motherly confidence.
More over, every time I sing or hum "Amazing Grace" to Levi, he either opens his eyes or smirks at me. It's amazing! I'm thanking God he his allowing us a connection that I thought I lost being away from him for so many hours at a time.

Finally, I have to share another blessing from this past weekend. That favorite nurse who's had Levi for most of the past week is that same nurse who took care of Silas two years ago. She and I have really opened up with each other, and I actually ended up sharing Matthew's and my story with her.
If you know anything about us, you know God led us down a terribly rocky road six years ago and only by His grace were we redeemed, re-made, and re-engaged into the couple we are today. She sincerely thanked me for sharing and said that several things I talked about spoke to her personally where she's at in her own marriage. She told me that you never know how your story can touch someone else's life, so it's important to always be open and ready to share it. What a gift! I instantly felt that perfect purpose that God has for each of our stories, and I'm so excited that Levi's has begun with such an unbelievable start.

Please pray for our family to remain one during this roller coaster and remain open to God's will.
Please also pray for Levi to continue to get stronger and closer to being able to come out of the isolate.
Finally, please pray for our thoughts to remain in the present. There is still a long road ahead with many unknowns (feeding/nursing, therapy, respiratory-assistance, physical therapy, vision, hearing, etc.).

Thank you so dearly for your love!

~Sharing Buster