Extra Support

Some days we just need that extra shot of espresso, or the second cup of coffee just to make it until tomorrow. Those days have been more frequent for me lately. The last 24 hours has led me to ask for some extra shout out prayers and coffee shots. Nothing devastating, just another rough patch after a nice stride.

First, please pray for Matthew and I. Not only are we tired, but Matthew had a fever last night. We aren't sure what it was, and he seems a little better today, but I think the stress of everything has caught up to him, so I'm praying that Silas and I will stay healthy so that we can manage and continue to see our little Levi well.

I went to see my tiny man late last night. I haven't missed a day yet, and I pray to God I never have to skip a visit. Holding his strong hand, I realized how much I wish I could rock him to sleep every night. When my husband and children are not safe, comfortable, and peaceful, I don't feel like I am either.
I've never had a very close loved one serve over seas, but I imagine sitting around thinking about how much you them isn't the preferred method of coping.
Likewise, I don't sit around and think about how much I miss Levi because I wouldn't be very productive.

He's done well the last two weeks off the ventilator and on the CPAP, and he's up to 4 pounds! Such a direct answer to prayer! However, he's had more frequent apnea the last 48 hours and doctors and nurses are trying to figure out why. It happened three times this morning in the first 30 minutes I was there.
The doctor today hadn't seen Levi in two weeks, so he even tossed out the phrase, "we don't want to re-intubate him if we don't have to, but apnea isn't good for the brain either." I thought I was going to lose it at that point. Thankfully my sweet, favorite nurse was there to give extra TLC, details, and suggestions. First, they took off his chin strap because his chin is a bit recessed and may be making it hard to swallow. Second, the doctor ordered some "secretion" medicine to hopefully help dry up some of his mucus. Finally, they will keep him on his belly as often as possible, because he hardly ever has episodes on his stomach. They also increased his caffeine intake so that his brain is stimulated enough to remember to breathe. I mentioned I was happy to increase my caffeine intake too if that would help :) See.... coffee is a beautiful thing- Doctor recommended!

Prayer warriors, thank the Lord Levi is still off the vent, and praise God for his increased weight! Also, they have created a great splint for his hand, so hopefully it will yield good results.

Side note: I've had some people ask about his hand and feet- since breathing has been such a battle, I've forgotten to update about that (changes your perspective a bit). Besides the hand splint, they are still just doing rigorous stretching because splinting or bracing his hands and feet right now might be too much stress on him until his respiratory issues are under control. I did notice yesterday that his strong hand kept gripping tightly onto mine, and his weak hand couldn't grasp at all. Might heart was a little sad, but I'm trusting God with every aspect of Levi's body. He's not mine after all, just a precious life entrusted to me for a short time.

Prayer requests:
~They are weaning Levi's steroid intake slowly. Please pray he does well with this.
~Pray that his airway is not obstructed so that he can breathe better.
~Pray that he doesn't have any more apnea episodes.
~Pray that the secretion medicine helps and doesn't hinder his swallowing.
~Pray that his hand and feet would continue grow stronger and straighter. 
~Pray for the health of our family and times of rest.
~Pray for strength for all of us and a Kingdom perspective.
~Pray for the McMath family whose lives are undergoing serious stress with their little man battling cancer- a continuous perspective changer.

God bless you all. I don't know what we'd do without each one of you!

~Caffeine Buster