Minor Setback

Please send up some quick prayers for little Levi. The doctor decided to do an x-ray on Levi's abdomen due to the severe choking and spitting up. It turns out his intestines were swollen. This can be extremely serious and indicate a form of colitis or infection in his colon. Levi was immediately tested for the infection, given antibiotics in case the tests were positive, taken off of all feedings, given IV fluids to maintain his nutrition, and put into a different kind of bed to access the IVs quicker.

Thankfully the first two tests came back negative, but because it's so serious, the doctor said they have to continue as if it's a false negative for another couple of days before they'll ween the antibiotics and re-introduce milk slowly. If the x-rays and tests continue to show a negative infection, the swelling could also be an indicating an allergic reaction. I don't have details on that yet, but please pray that this is in fact what they call a "minor setback," and little Levi will miraculously be better and able to handle nutrients again.

Thank you so much for your continued love and prayers!

~Coffee Cub Buster