I remember when I was in high school and in order to become an official certified lifeguard, part of the training included treading water in the deep end of a pool for like three minutes while holding a brick above my head. If my arms came down at all, I had to start over. That's kind of how I felt the last two weeks. I was simply treading water. When Saturday arrived, I felt like I finally found a sandbar. Not only did Silas finally end his fever spell, but I was able to drive again. Levi seemed to have a couple good days, and I've allowed myself to pick up Silas for "essential" moments. I think we all felt like a family again, so everyone was in higher spirits this weekend. Part of me feels sad feeling like a family though, because we are still missing one important member...... all in God's timing though. I might still be in the middle of the ocean trying to find my way home, but at least I found a sandbar for a few days.

I really wanted to make a "Resurrection Garden" with Silas for Easter, he loved the dirty activity. Maybe this can be a tradition that he'll understand a bit more when he's older.
The "tomb" is suppose to be covered with a rock and the grass will begin to grow around the dirt. Come Easter, we roll the "stone" away and see the empty tomb! Jesus is alive!
Big excitement for the Smith Fam.... We finally got an SUV (or truck if you ask Silas)! We were about to buy this used Pilot right before Levi was born. God is so good..... the family-run dealership happened to be a Christian family with their own preemie story! They were praying for Levi and happy to hold the vehicle for us!  
Silas has been pretty angry whenever we mention Levi, hospital, or brother. Levi's doctor recommended we get him a "pretend Levi" to adjust to another baby since he is not allowed to enter the NICU. Matthew was a little hesitant to introduce a baby doll into the house, but I was happy to see Silas stop hitting the doll and give it kisses.

We love you baby Levi!

Prayer requests:
~Levi's lungs to be clear of fluid.
~Levi to get off the ventilator.
~Levi to remain stable long enough for me to hold him again.
~Levi's continued growth and strength.
~Our new life with a baby in the NICU and a toddler at home.

Thank you so much for your constant love and prayers!