Levi Joseph Smith

There are so many things running through my mind at this moment, (for which I'm sure there will be additional blogs) but I felt like I needed to at least put up pictures to document the monumental occasion that occurred this past weekend. We have another little boy in the Smith family. Levi Joseph Smith was born on March 7 at 11:55 am weighing in a 2 pounds 5 ounces and 14 inches long. While he was anxious to join the world at 28 weeks old, he is a fighter, and we have never felt so blessed by the miracle of what it takes to grow a child.

One of the harder lessons I've learned this past week is what a mother goes through when splitting up time between two children. I have a new appreciation and respect and really a burdened heart for moms of little ones who have to be in hospitals for extended periods of time. Trying to explain to Silas why I can't come home and why I can't pick him up has broken me a few times, but I am also extremely amazed at how God has provided resources, people, and personalities to care for my big boy, my little boy, my hubby and myself. It's truly humbling and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To everyone who has prayed and continues to pray over our situation. It could be so much worse, yet we will trek on day by day in faith. Is there any other way? More on our journey to come...

Silas enjoying play time with the beautiful Wren, daughter of an angel, Dana, who came the second we needed a sitter.

Silas' new buddy, Chloe, who came over with my parents. Another gift from God that my traveling parents were in town when Levi made his entrance.

My sweet sister Caitlyn gave Silas some girl time with her daughter Evie on the far right. He's def a ladies man. :)

My precious Levi grasping my finger as he gets some rays in the tanning bed. It made me cry.

Silas saw Daddy doing yoga one time, and now he will just spontaneously bust into downward dog and say, YOGA! He's got great form.

God truly gave us some much needed down time before everything sped up. With the snow, ice, and unplanned weekends, I witnessed my boys reading their Bibles together. One of life's perfect moments.

New pastimes that show me how much Silas is growing up.

Silas has already started potty-training, which may slow down now, but he LOVES his big boy pull ups.

12 hours after an emergency c-section, I was able to finally see my newborn son. It was truly a miracle that he was here and that he's continuing to grow and fight to stay and make a difference in this world.

We love you Levi. You sure knew how to make an entrance. May God give us strength down the long road ahead. May you know you are loved dearly, and may we have the wisdom and peace to trust God over your care and recovery. Thank you Lord for blessing us with the gift of Levi.