Levi Experts- 411 update

Today I had an official "case management" team meeting at Northside, so I basically received a lot of great info on how to be a Levi care expert from every department caring for our little man.

So many have asked for specific updates, but there are a lot of two steps forward and one step back at this stage of his care; thus, there hasn't been a lot worth mentioning until now.


Levi is suppose to get his PIC line out today! This is a praise because it means he's getting enough calories from his feeds and doesn't need an additional IV for fluids and other supplements. One less wire coming out of him!

Levi started on steroids last night to help develop his lungs a little more, and the doc thinks they will be able to try him off the ventilator in the next few days! The hole in his heart is smaller, but apparently not a issue for him right now!

Levi's PT believes that he will simply need splints and therapy for the beginning of his life and won't ever need braces on his feet!
I should be able to hold Levi again in the tomorrow or Thursday if all goes well! 

Overall it was a great day. I have so much admiration for medical personnel, and I've really enjoyed learning a lot of it myself. Matthew and I think we would both enjoy a little med school (minus the blood, sweat, and time involved.)

We are praising God for a great team of doctors and nurses, and I know we'll have plenty of ups and downs, but we are feeling those prayers today! Keep them coming!

In honor of a great day, one of my best friends, who is more like a sister, sent me probably the most perfect care package, and then the best video for today. If you know me, you know I grew up dancing and even had a stint of teaching little ones years ago. I've missed dancing a lot (but totally worth the break to bring children into the world), but here's a great compilation with some of my all time favorite movies to get you moving..... as if I need a reason to dance!


Love you!