Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dils

Jeff and Amy had a beautiful, simple, intimate and elegant wedding this past weekend in Corillon Beach, FL. Now T, before you get upset, its right next to good ole' Panama City, and we just drove up late Friday night and came back early Sunday morning! :)
It was a really quick trip, but I'm so happy for the two of them, and Matthew and I felt blessed to be include on their special day. As they enjoy their honeymoon in St. Lucia, I will enjoy my fall break from Simpson Middle and get ahead on some graduate work! Is it fall yet!?!?

The perfect alter
I can't imagine what Jeff is thinking at this moment... Man I would kill for a hamburger right about now!
She locked arms with her daddy, and they were oh so cute!
Amy was beaming!
And two become one...
How gorgeous is this setting!
God was just shining down.
The quaint and peaceful view at the reception.
You better believe I cut a rug, or a square hardwood floor.
In case you can't tell (since my camera stinks) the trees all had white lights draped around them!
It was perfect!
Kind of a dark shot (thanks Olympus) but they are still such a gorgeous couple!

Congrats Jeff and Amy!

~The CubBuster