Amazing Grace

So I'm doing a bible study on GRACE, which I'm realizing I didn't fully grasp before this study. I won't get into all the amazing details of it, but can I just say that it's amazing how much God loves me, and I how much I don't deserve... any of it. I hope I can spread that kind of love and grace to every single person I meet!

Well, we watched this amazing "boy band" sing opera as an intro to the first lesson on this wonderful thing that a song was written after-- "Amazing Grace." Now, can I tell you that I had heard of this group before, and I heard rumors that Simon Cowell put them together. But I had never listened to them or seen them. Um....... Simon Cowell is truly and most definitely a genius. These "boys" are from all over--Spain, Italy, France, and the U.S. and all I can say is that I think everyone in Heaven will sound and look like this.

Here's the group, Il Divo, singing at the Colosseum in Italy. Ugh.... I have GOT to go visit my friend Kyra in Rome when Il Divo is in town. Enjoy this beautiful gift.