Laboring on Labor Day

So the past week of being a silly and stern 7th grade Language Arts Co-Teacher by day and a smart sophisticated graduate student by night has been quite a whirlwind. What did I get myself into? I was actually thinking about quitting the whole sha-bang all together when one of my students told me a sweet story she was writing for her personal narrative and then gave me a hug afterward. I think she took my heart with her when she got up from the tiny classroom chair. So now I'm thinking I couldn't possibly leave until I learn how to get it back. Needless to say, I'm still trucking along. I knew there was a reason I wanted to teach!  Since I get to enjoy ALL of the national holidays (and then some) as a student/teacher, I'm taking this Labor Day to labor away. I enjoyed a little lake time with the fam on Saturday, but other than that, its school work, coffee, school work, and more coffee in that order.
The one thing that really got me through having to work on the weekend is the WEATHER! OMG- I did it, I decided it was time Saturday night when it was 54 degrees outside. Yep, I sipped on a delicious, warm, sweet, pumpkin spice latte! I know I know.... it's not officially fall yet, but come on! It was meant to be! I almost squealed out of my pants it made me so happy! I love fall! Did I mention that?

Wait.... did I just say OMG?  These 7th graders are going to ruin my sophisticated graduate student role.

I'm off to do more laboring. Plus I gotta look into getting my blinkers checked out. I'm having to hold my hand out the window like I'm riding a bike to signal my turns. I kind of like having the window open all the time though! Except I think people think I'm just waving at them.

It was so good to see Nicole and Stephen. Little Easton is  getting ready to meet the world soon!

Allie, Scotch, and Sarah were ready to root on their team Saturday night.
Sorry guys.... better luck next time!

Happy Labor Day!