Blue Ridge, Part 1

Okay, have you ever had a really good idea for a menu or a theme party? You get really excited and start naming off all the things you could have that somehow relate to one another. Then, somehow you go from a simple 3 course autumn dinner to a Halloween, haunted-house extravaganza? Well,  I think that may have happened at Hillcrest Orchards. Don't get me wrong, it was FANTASTIC, but a little more than the eyes could handle in one day.
Let me start by saying their idea to have a "U Pick" apple orchard was perfect! Which was what Matthew and I set out to experience. It's just all the add-ons (bungy jumping, mini-tractor races, hay rides, folk dances, cow-milking, homemade museums of history) that made it a little overwhelming! Yes, I did say cow-milking, and YES buttercup and I got real close, real quick!
Aw..... who am I kidding, I was like a kid in a candy store! I loved Hillcrest, and I got all the fresh-picked multicolored precious fruits, "I milked Buttercup" sticker,  and apple cider breath to prove it!

These girls put on quite a river dance show!
And no the guy in the top isn't a real guy.... I think...
The only apple I wished was in season they didn't have-- Red beautiful delicious!

Height does have it's benefits!
Matthew made a friend in the history museum.
This guy wasn't feeling my kind of friendship.
Either was this guy!
Aw.... the days before Facebook when we all just hung out.
I got some good tips about Buttercup from the pro
(doesn't he really seemed mesmerized by my mad milking skills!)
How could a Saturday afternoon get any better!?!

Oh, but it could..... to be continued.....