Beth and Betty!

Saturday was a sopping wet day in the ATL, but it was a great day for an indoor conference! I got to go see Beth Moore at Woodstock Baptist Church (which is like the size of Phillips Arena mind you) as she spoke about her new book So Long Insecurity. Now I know what your thinking because I thought the same thing and Beth actually mentioned my thoughts aloud at the start of the conference. "Many of you probably didn't buy the book because you don't want to be carrying around a book about insecurity when most people wouldn't call you an insecure person." Yes Beth, I didn't buy the book until after your conference! :)  The book itself isn't some self-help saga on how to love yourself.... no no.... don't let the title mislead you. I haven't started it yet, but after the awesome day, I'm excited to read it.
I HAVE however read many other books and bible studies by Beth that I would highly recommend including, Breaking Free, The Esther Bible Study, A Heart Like His study on David, and others. She is a wonderful writer, speaker and woman of God. It was an amazing day!
Sunday began with completely gorgeous weather so Matthew and I took an awesome drive to Helen and I would say that even though my allergies acted up, a trip to Helen is worth it for Betty's coffee! Um yes... As the Coffee CubBuster, I have to take a minute and salute Betty! Oh Betty's.... how I love thee....
Betty's General Store in Helen is the cutest old timey country store that also sells and brews there own beans. I can't go to Helen without buying some of those almondy, medium-bodied, rusticly fresh beans! I don't even think some of those descriptions are real words! Still, the store itself is like Disney World for me. I'm not exaggerating either. I don't know what it is..... You know when you go to that place that reminds you of your old grandmother's house with the calm and peace of a more simpler time filled with freshly squeezed lemonade, rocking chairs on the porch of her mountain house on the perfect fall day and she brings you out a warm homemade gooey chocolate chip cookie? Okay.... I went a little overboard and neither of my grandmother's lives in a place like that, but you get the picture. For some reason that I don't know why, that is how Betty's will make you feel! :)
I recommend a visit there asap-- although I've probably built it up so much that it's going to be a let down. Well, think of a place that makes you feel like I just described and take a day to visit it and breathe a little deeper.
Can't wait to brew some Betty's tomorrow morning!


  1. I would like to second your sentiments about the book and let everyone know that insecurity is just unbelief! Don't be afraid of the word/title of her new book it is very insightful. Also ya'll are adorable ;) the end.


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