A Gold Dusting

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that today's pollen count is 5,733 which constitutes particles of pollen per cubic meter of air. This is up 2,000 points from last year's spring pollen peak and only 280 points away from the Atlanta pollen record of 6,013 in 1999. This high level makes it quite difficult to breathe in any air that doesn't contain pollen in it. The major current allergen attacks are stemming primarily from birch, oak, pine and sweetgum trees. Although the spike in warm temperatures is certainly welcome after the long and bitter winter, but such a gold dusting as this makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Hopefully tomorrows rainy forecast will aid in this onslaught of sinus trouble! Well, you can always sit inside at a coffee shop and enjoy some hot tea to help with that sinus pressure. "They" also suggest exercising indoors, keeping windows closed, keeping your nose clean, and showering before bed. Good luck out there!
--Coffee CubBuster

I didn't have time to take a pick of my car, but it looks worse than these!