Big News!

So, I've been crazy busy because my whole life is about to undergo a big change. I am officially resigning from my position at Shepherd Center to become a fulltime student in a Masters in the Art of Teaching program at Kennesaw State University (go Owls? No I'm still a bulldog!). Yes, I know many are thinking that I'm crazy, not only to be a fulltime student again, but to want to be a teacher in this economy-crazy!  But I'm SO excited about this new adventure ahead of me. I know it's where I'm suppose to be right now in my life. The program lasts exactly one year, and I will come away with an MAT in secondary English. (I doubt my blogs will have any less grammatical errors though. This is blog-world, not high school English folks!)
As many of you know, I've always had a teacher's spirit and truly love making a difference in other's lives. I have a passion to inspire our youth! Plus, when I realized that the certification exam I had passed some years ago would soon expire if I didn't utilize it, I decided it was NOW or NEVER. I know it will just get harder and harder to go back to school, so I am thrilled about this opportunity. However, I will truly miss everyone and everything about Shepherd Center. It has been an amazing place to grow for the past two years, and I will continue to visit and hopefully volunteer myself one day.
Nevertheless, I have a lot ahead of me to complete a Masters in one year! Not to mention the fact that I have to move home and tie up all those loose ends that are involved with changing your life. :)  I can't wait though. More to come on this exciting journey....
~Coffee CubBuster

Think this could be me??? :)


  1. love the picture :) so proud of you sweet friend! that black and white reminds me of those dreaded silhouettes from elementary school...haha oh long insecurity! I own my profile with joy! haha


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