Happy Birthday Pop!

My amazing GREAT-grandfather will officially turn 105 on Friday, April 16th. In honor of this most magnificient accomplishment, my family in Washington D.C. was finally able to get him a highlight on the Today Show on Thursday, April 15th! The famous Williard Scott will be recognizing Alfred James Dumas (our Pop) sometime between 8:00 and 9:00 EST (but the show is from 7-10 so get those DVRs set to go!). My sweet Pop is still living at his home in Alexandria, Virginia. He is an extraordinary man who has been blessed to see some amazing transformations in this country and world. He can tell you what happened 5 mintues ago, and he can explain our families linage and history from centuries ago. I feel honored to still have him in our lives. He is a blessing to all he meets. 
Happy Birthday Poppy! 
Love and miss you!

This was my great siblings and I with Pop when he was only 102!
Um..... yes, he's amazing!