A weekend of Breathing

So I had a great weekend filled with new kinds of breathing.... my first encounter mainted quite a different definition from my second mind you. First, I had an introduction to Bikrim Yoga or "Hot Yoga" as it's affectionately called. I actually think they should call it "sweat yoga" or "sauna yoga," but that's just me. I mean the room that you do this yoga in isn't just "hot," it feels like a sweat shop! My roommate Kacie heard about this place called "Atlanta Hot Yoga," and she thought that with my small amount of experience in Pilates, I might want to join her. So with our combined determination, we shook ourselves out of bed bright and early (on a Saturday thank you very much!) and went to sweat it out. The room temperature is set to about 103 degrees! You begin and end the class the same way-- with some crazy deep and quick breathing exercises. During the other 85 mintues of the class, lots of  strengthening and stretching positions are performed and oh, did I mention, you are profusely sweating! Now I know that I am kind of a big sweater when I workout, but seriously you could just sit in this room and sweat without doing anything at all! (Don't bother with trying to look nice ladies, everyone looks like they just ran a marathon after this one.) There's no need to be concerned though.... You bring water with you and can stop and drink it as much as you like. Plus they give you like a beach-size towel for your first class--no explanation necessary. I also noticed the instructor cracking the door at times to fan in some cooler air.
All in all, I actually really enjoyed it! After your body temp adjusts to the room and you start sweating, its actually very cleansing. You feel relaxed, limber, and detoxed at the end. Not something I think I'll do every week, but definitely worth trying if you haven't.
My second "breathing" activity was a lot more mainstream and fun! I got to see NEED TO BREATHE in concert! (Ha ha.... you like how I used that word play?) They call themselves a "rock and roll band from South Carolina," but I think they deserve a little more accolade than that. They played a little venue called "Center Stage," and even though the concert was sold out, Matthew and I were able to scalp some tickets right at the door! If you've never listened to their music before, I certainly recommend it. The lead singer has a great soulful folksy kind of voice (yes those are both real words). Need To Breathe put on a great show too!

Pic from concert.... seriously download some of their music!


  1. Just thought I would let you know that Needtobreathe is one word, not three, just saying.

  2. Oh yes, I knew that! Thanks for the reminder. Who put the smiley face?? :)

  3. First of all, Needtobreathe is my FAVORITE! Secondly, more power to you for sweatin it out and third, that is AWESOME and so special about your Pop, last but definitely not least, let's book a flight to Italy ASAP! :)


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