A great coffee shop!

If you haven't done so already, you need to stop whatever you are doing, get up, and drive to Roswell square. Well, if you don't live in the metro-Atlanta area, this may be a little tricky, so how about we limit it to those of you who are able to get to Roswell, GA?
There is an awesome coffee house called "Land of a Thousand Hills," and it is just that.... a land far far away from anything seemingly big-city. There slogan is my favorite-- Drink Coffee. Do Good. Each cup of coffee they make is "french pressed" (lesson coming soon on coffee talk page), and every latte and cappuccino has that amazing latte art (a sign made only by the great ones). They also sell some great paraphernalia and have live music every Friday and Saturday night. Trust me, it's SO worth the trip! You'll end up on one of the sofas needing to switch to decaf because you just don't want to leave.


  1. I never thought coffee could be so fun. But now that I have read this blog I feel ready to order a french press coffee without fear of ridicule.


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