Something for everyone!

WOW!  Really, if you ever get a chance to see "Lord of the Dance," I would certainly recommend it. It wasn't just a little kicking and jumping on a wooden dance floor. This show encompassed so many different Irish elements:

1. Dueling fiddles
2. An opera singer
3. A love story
4. A burlesque-ish moment
5. And down-right amazing Irish Riverdancing!

I came to learn that although the performance is still called "Michael Flately's Lord of the Dance," Mr. Flatey is no longer a key dancer. In fact he has been forced, due to the aging process, not be in the show at all. However, I can't imagine him being much better than the amazing dancers that have now taken over. The dance is a mix of ballet, tap, lyrcial, and folk movements. It takes pure talent to make that kind of music with your feet! The audience was even able to particpate in clapping along to the celtic beat. Sadly some people struggled to keep even a simple clap rhythm. Hey, we can't all be Flately right Mom!?!!
I really had a blast though!  Thanks again Momma! I'm pumped for our next date night together.... maybe we'll try out Ultimate Fighting or Pantomime! :o)