Love to write.... why not try to blog?

Welcome to the world of online communication. Since I am "one of those" who has resisted multiple forms of mass media communication (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) I've decided to let in the smallest amount of technological light in the form of a blog. Now, let me first clarify that I am not against technology all together. I don't sit in my cave keeping track of time with charcoal drawings or listening to my Juke Box waiting for my rabbit ears to adjust the static on my black and white boob tube. Listen, I love my Mac, my iTouch, and wifi on airplanes! I have just chosen to resist the need to connect with all of America by spending all my time in front of a screen. I would just rather read a book at my local coffee shop then become addicted to seeing how many new friends I have online..... I'm just trying to poke a little fun here (I do see the benefits of Facebook--sometimes). However, because my mid-twenties have proven to be a time of great change, and many of my friends/family and I have lost touch due to geography or the simple act of daily hustle and bustle, I figured I'd try my hand at internet updates. I love putting my pen to paper and journaling my thoughts, revelations, and creative inspirations so I'll just try translating that into the keyboard. This new venture was also prompted by an admiration for who knew nothing about blogging and has an amazing website filled with recipes, photography, and a classic life story.
Now.... whether or not I actually share this blog site with other human beings is still pending.

To be continued...