"His legs flail about as if independent from his body!"

If you are a "Friends" watcher as I have been known to be, you will appreciate that quote. I am getting to see the Chandler Bing's greatest fear--Michael Flatley and the "Lord of the Dance" performance. I am so excited! I've seen a lot of different types of performances in my lifetime (even the gravely strange or soberly artistic modern dance shows), but I've never seen an Irish Riverdance! My mom got tickets for us back in October for my birthday. She is so astute and thoughtful! In case you aren't familiar with "Lord of the Dance." Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Mr. Flately's Dance:

"Lord of the Dance is an Irish musical and dance production that was created, choreographed, and produced by Irish-American dancer Michael Flatley, who also took a starring role. Michael Flatley found his first fame starring in Riverdance, but he left the show in 1995 before its debut in London after a disagreement over creative control. Flatley dreamed of putting together a dance show capable of playing in arenas instead of traditional theatres. He soon began thinking of rhythm patterns and steps for an a cappella number."

Hopefully I'll be able to take some good pictures of their legs flailing about! Can't wait....Thanks Momma!


  1. Anyone who has not seen an Irish Riverdance...do yourself a favor and indulge in some foot stomping fun. It is amazing to watch and to hear, whether you like to dance or not.

    Kate, don't worry about a teaching job. You can always write for a living. I love your blog!


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