The Klean Kanteen

 If you know me at all, you know that I have an addiction to Double-Hydrogen mixed with Oxygen. Yes, that's right, I admit it.... Hello, my name is Katie Blair, and I'm a Wateraholic. In fact, a great way to get classified information from me is simply to take away my water bottle. Maybe I should have named this blog Water CubBuster, but there's just not much to say about the clear, wet nutrient is there? Speaking of "my water bottle," I would like to take a minute and thank Matthew Smith for introducing me to the new love of my life--the Klean Kanteen. Before the Klean Kanteen, I had only used a large plastic Nalgene to transport my daily consumption of H2O which to my knowledge was not BPA-free. Now, it is my understanding that the Nalgene brand does in fact make BPA-free products, but I simply was not in possession of one. What's all this talk of BPA you ask. Well, "BPA (bisphenal A) is an industrial chemical that makes plastics hard and transparent. It is widely used in plastic drinking bottles, infant bottles and other consumer products, and also in resins that line cans of food and infant formula. The chemical has been shown to disrupt the hormonal system, potentially leading to reproductive defects as well as brain damage, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes" ( Researchers say that drinking from plastic raises BPA levels by 70 percent! Therefore, I am excited to now utilize my Stainless-Steel BPA-Free Loop Cap Klean Kanteen. No I am not selling these water bottles, nor am I gaining any sort of compensation for mentioning them in my blog. I simply love my new water bottle, and thought I'd share the love. :) If you drink water like I do (192-256 oz. per day) you'd go out of your way to talk about it too!
Man am I blessed to live in a place with an abundant supply of clean drinking water. Count your blessings today as you partake in that rare privilege.

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  1. wow, that's a lot of water! I agree, it's a great way to flush the system. I came over to your blog from pioneer woman, enjoying your posts!


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