Green Meets Coffee

If you have been to a coffee shop recently, you may have noticed that the baristas aren't automatically sliding a coffee sleeve on your to-go cup. They have taken the "optional" approach method in order to promote the newly popular "green" standards. Because those little cardboard sleeves aid in our ability to hold an extremely hot paper cup without burning our fingertips most people still grab one without thinking twice. Unless you have been a barista and burned your fingers so many times that they have developed an extra strength power against hot surfaces (speaking from experience), you will probably continue to opt for a sleeve no matter how many trees they may kill. Thus, in order to help preserve Ms. Mother Nature whom we have taken for granted in decades past, I introduce to you the new phenomenon--THE REUSABLE SLEEVE. These uniquely decorated cup-huggers come in a variety of materials including, cotton, knitted crochet, silicone, and other recycled materials fitting both paper and ceramic mugs. Although I have yet to see these ecofriendly gadgets take off in mainstream America, reusable sleeves are readily available for purchase in most local coffee shops today. I believe the obstacle holding back starbucks aficionados is the idea that you have to keep your reusable sleeve with you at all times. One never knows when a coffee craving will hit. Either that or the cute coffee sleeves are only fitting for the female coffee patron. Hopefully one way or another, our tree hugger friends will continue to promote "green living" as we seek to purify our world for future generations.
Challenge: Try to skip the cardboard sleeve today and see how long you can hold your to-go cup before you have to grab a sleeve. Sounds like a fun little game doesn't it! :)

Yours truly,
Coffee CubBuster


  1. Katie, finally read up on your blog! Haha, I like it a lot! I need to get myself one of those reusable coffee cup sleeves! They look cute! Hope you're having a great week!


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