Living blind

If you examine things too closely, you become a "picker," scraping at any and all impurities while seeking to eradicate filth from your sight. Yet, if your gaze is too farsighted, you begin to assume others have everything buttoned up neatly, viewing only their captions of comedy and cuteness. So what's a gal to do? Take away sight all together? Yes, because we have chosen to "live by faith NOT by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7). Wouldn't a legally blind individual object to such living if given the choice? Well, if he/she has ever lived by faith alone, I think he/she would agree: sight can be very misleading. Our vision can greatly hinder us from stretching our faith muscle, because by definition, Faith is "being certain of things we cannot see" (Hebrews 11:1). We can only see "clearly" when we are stripped of our vision.
Looking at pictures below, one might think we have such a happy idyllic family these days, but after great success with Levi's eating, unfortunately, he's now battling a double (tube-leaking) ear infection causing him to refuse all foods and re-introduce his G-tube in order to keep fever medicine in his weak, vomiting body. One might think my little Ro Ro was the happiest baby on the planet, which he is fifty percent of the time, but the other half of his days are filled with tears. He only knows two speeds-- completely relaxed and filled with joy, or completely angry and filled with tears. There is no middle road. One might also believe I have the most obedient soon-to-be four year-old in the world. But I don't take pictures of punishment in our home because that would be just plain shaming for him.
Whether you are looking at a future trying to plan for retirement, plan for college, plan for the summer, or plan for an early bedtime tonight, do not forget that it is the crazy plans no one could see coming that really make your life impactful. When you trust God with your present and your future, you can take steps in faith that look down right ridiculous to the rest. When the world looks dark and dim, or your choices appear slim to none, that is when you can finally understand the definition of faith. That is when you get to experience radical living that reaps huge rewards that no one could have "seen coming."

I've seen a lot of illness this cold and flu season, including my last four days of sleepless nights, but I've also seen a lot of sweetness in between.... Take this picture for example.... I heard some boys up from nap last week, and I saw Si-man snuck down to read with his little brother.

After a fast DMV visit, we had time to ride "the MARTA train" which to Silas was as good as Disney World!

Before the double ear infection we are currently battling, Levi was eating great! He took a handful of "adult" oatmeal bites without choking!

Just a little fun date with my first born to TJs and the pet store.

Thank you God for this moment of eating "3rd stage" toddler food without gagging. 

Oh I pray it's like riding a bike, and when he's healthy we'll be right back at this.

Who needs a sand box when you have the old garden dirt to clean out. 

De-weeding and castle-making for this year's crops.

One of my favorite traditions: our resurrection gardens.

Getting ready for Easter around the corner! We need to find rocks to cover those tombs until Easter Sunday.

One little smile this sick week because of his favorite song playing in between tears. 

Always smiling when he isn't crying! :)

Look who made our lunch while I dealt with two crying babies! It was the best PBJ (on our French toast bread) that I've ever had!  Don't ever under estimate your preschooler!

Diaper changing station= some days I really do have Irish twins. 

Here's to living blind this week and every week I still can't see in the future!

~Blind Buster