Levi is 2!

As any momma will tell you at any age... "I cannot believe my baby is ____."  Well with Levi, it's always a little extra special to watch him hit new milestones and new seasons. He welcomed his second birthday with many milestones finally struck, including wearing overalls! Since we haven't used the G-tube in 3 weeks, little man can wear those cute straps without having to take them off and on all day. He's still taking down his 7 syringes by mouth, and even though he threw up from some mucus this week, he's learning to handle colds and coughs a little better! He also decided to act like a "typical" two-year old the day before he actually turned two. While not enjoyable, I was thankful to watch him act "normally" with meltdown after meltdown for no apparent reason. In watching our little ones grow, I began to notice some of the sentiments that other people expressed towards my current season.
"Those are the lost years."
"You all are in the black hole, but you'll emerge again in a few years."
"It's just a season of no sleep." 
"This season will be a blur, and you'll look back and wonder where the years went."
"It's just a season of survival."

I realized that I've become too accustomed to relegating every uncomfortable stage as simply a "season." When I use the term "season" in this context, I'm actually giving a negative connotation to my circumstances. Yes seasons change, and yes my life changes daily, but I do not want to simply survive my season right now. Embrace the cliche: I want to THRIVE in every season. Why do I naturally adhere to common customs and cute hashtags (I don't even know how to tweet) #terribletwos. Probably because I love words and alliteration.
It's a natural instinct to want to help others through circumstances that you've already weathered, but I want to be careful that I do not succumb to commonalities. As sweet big-little Levi has taught me (rather, God has taught me through him), some situations and seasons may never change, so I must decide in the here and now to embrace their own unique goodness. We must all remind ourselves that we may not get to the next season, so do not miss out on the current one no matter how "seasonal" it may feel.

As an important ritual, we visited Levi's first home, Northside Hospital, and thanked his first doctors, nurses, and therapists, for getting him where he is today! It's a true blessing to recall those hard days that brought such goodness.

Thank you Gibby for sending us some great bday hats!
Levi is learning to "bowl" in physical therapy, so we thought it'd be a great way to celebrate his 2nd birthday! The boys loved it, and what's more amazing-- we let them each bowl for us, and Levi actually won the whole game!

Ice cream makes Levi's birthday everyone's favorite day!

Well Roman kind of missed out. 

But it was all about you bubba!

Happy birthday bubba! We love you little man!

Thank you for continuing to pray for our humble little home. Levi is approaching the 20 pound mark, so please pray as we go to his nutrition appointment next week!  God bless each one of you in the season you find yourself in today!

~Seasonal second Buster